Pacific Islands Journalism Tours


The EWC will provide journalists in the Pacific Islands the opportunity to gather fact-based information on public-private partnership models of infrastructure development and financing as well as other important issues of concern to the U.S. and like-minded countries across the region.

Pacific Island Countries (PICs) are highly vulnerable to natural disasters and other environmental stresses, meaning existing infrastructure can be significantly damaged or destroyed by a single storm or longer-term shifts in climatic conditions. With small and highly dependent economies, Pacific Islands primarily turn to external sources of financing and assistance to address these infrastructure needs. Currently, there is a lack of PIC media outlets reporting on the broader context of infrastructure financing opportunities; alternative sustainable development options; and the need for NGO and grassroots participation to ensure that projects result in resilient communities. 

To help PIC media improve/expand coverage of infrastructure development and financing, the EWC will coordinate a series of two reporting tours for PIC journalists to visit four U.S. cities: Honolulu, HI; Washington, D.C., Galveston, TX, and San Francisco, CA. Each tour will consist of organized meetings with key players in both the public and private sectors including experts in financing and implementing infrastructure projects; model infrastructure site visits; briefings by government and military officials; discussions with researchers and community leaders with expertise in the PIC and/or infrastructure development; and journalists who cover these issues. The group will continue their tour in Suva, Fiji. The program will end in Suva with a capstone symposium attended by the broader Fijian media community. 

This project activity extends and builds on the successes of journalist reporting tours and fellowships led by the Seminars and Journalism Program.


Susan Kreifels

Media Programs Manager, East-West Seminars

Scott Kroeker

Interim Senior Manager, Pacific Islands Development Program