Southeast Asia Journalism Tours


Southeast Asian countries have been experiencing the negative impacts of disinformation, propaganda and social media campaigns meant to skew media coverage and mislead publics and policymakers. These challenges have been compounded in an environment of decreasing press freedom in the region.

In response, the EWC will bring together 24 journalists from Southeast Asian countries for two immersive 2-week dialogue, study, and reporting tours to discuss critical issues in Southeast Asia including water security, renewable energy, and disinformation challenges. The tours will commence in California for a water security case study and culminate in Bangkok/Chiang Khong, Thailand where journalists will have the opportunity to visit the Sacramento Delta region, the Chiang Khong District along the Mekong River, and attend various conferences and skill-based trainings that will build their skills and networks related to fact-checking, environmental reporting, investigative reporting, and transboundary water issues.

This project activity extends and builds on the successes of journalist reporting tours and fellowships led by the Seminars and Journalism Program.



Susan Kreifels

Media Programs Manager, East-West Seminars