Southeast Asia Journalism Tours


The EWC will provide journalists in Southeast Asia the opportunity to gather fact-based information on U.S.-bilateral and U.S.-regional security cooperation; maritime issues such as disputes in the South China Sea; and other important issues of concern to the U.S. and like-minded countries across the region.

Southeast Asian countries have been experiencing the negative impacts of disinformation, propaganda and social media campaigns meant to skew media coverage and mislead publics and policymakers. These challenges have been compounded in an environment of decreasing press freedom in the region.

In response, the EWC will coordinate a series of two reporting tours for Southeast Asian journalists focused on gathering fact-based information related to regional security, including regional conflicts/disputes such as the South China Sea, and other important regional issues by attending meetings with government officials, military, academics, think, tanks, civil society, journalists, and others.  Each cohort of journalists will visit three U.S. cities: Honolulu, HI; Washington, D.C.; and San Francisco, CA. The group will continue their study tour in Manila, Philippines. In Manila the program will end with a capstone symposium attended by the broader Filipino media community.

This project activity extends and builds on the successes of journalist reporting tours and fellowships led by the Seminars and Journalism Program.



Susan Kreifels

Media Programs Manager, East-West Seminars