2020 XPD Programs with #EWCinnovationfellows


The EWC Innovation for Sustainable Development Fellows (#EWCinnovationfellows) is a ten (10) year opportunity to support EWC alumni striving to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is officially recognized by the United Nations as an SDG Acceleration Action (#SDGAction37761). Non-resident fellows co-design and co-deliver innovation initiatives for the EWC within their organization, company or University. Fellows are young professionals and EWC Alumni (under age 40) in the arts, environment, education, health, and disaster resilience sectors supported in five (5) modules delivered virtually over the course of five (5) months. 

Asia's Most Sustainable Hotels with Tomohiro 'Tomo' Hamakawa

GOAL: "Asia's Next Gen Hotels" will shed light on sustainability pioneers in the hospitality industry that pass a high standard around natural, cultural, and social capital.

PROGRAM: Asia’s Most Sustainable Hotels is a monthly webinar series that appeals to independent, conscious travellers interested in circular properties around the region. The series is produced by Earth Company and nornnorn, in collaboration with many partners including the East-West Center, Coaching for Cause, Reducing Our Footprint, etc.

Inspired by the Netflix documentary series Street Food that travels around Asian cities to feature the best street vendors, Asia’s Most Sustainable Hotels sheds light on environmental pioneers who pass a high standard of circularity rigor around energy, water, waste, and biodiversity.

This series is launched in the COVID era for a reason; it’s a statement to build back the tourism industry in a more conscious manner. Tourism should not and cannot be run at the expense of natural resources and cultural heritage. The series is thus aligned with the Green Recovery initiative of the climate change movement.

Goal #14 Life on Land
Goal #6 Clean Water & Sanitation
Goal #12 Responsible Production & Consumption
Goal #7 Affordable & Clean Energy

WEBSITE: https://www.earthcompany.info/blog/sustainability_shapers/


Adaptive Leadership Digital School with Gana Purevjav & Tsom Altankhundaga

GOAL: Improve access and quality of professional development for Mongolian organizations during 2020 quarantine 

PROGRAM: Since 2012 GIS trained over 50,000 employees and gave lectures for 120,000 students reaching almost 10 percent of Mongolian population. However, 90% of above beneficiaries are from urban cities especially from capital city Ulaanbaatar. The Digital School Lab with the EWC will seek to redress this inequality by providing training targeting the rural areas. The Digital School Lab “Comprehensive Leadership” online program will target young professionals representing all 21 provinces of Mongolia.

Goal #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
Goal#4 Quality Education
Goal #10 Reduced Inequalities
Goal #17 Partnerships for the Goals

WEBSITE: https://ganabell.com/online


EWC's Radio Drama 'Be Typhoon Resilient' in the Philippines

In partnership with the Department of Development Communications at Visayas State University, 2020 #EWCinnovationfellows Jerica (EWC/YSEALI), MJ (EWC/YSEALI), and Christina Gabrillo (APLP) developed a participatory radio drama production using a indigenous language of the Philippines to improve equity in disaster resilience. The innovative program shown in this video targeted SDGs 3, 5, and 13 with 6 major objectives: 1) raising awareness on disaster preparedness particularly on typhoons in Leyte communities, 2) inculcating sustainable practices of the communities on disaster preparedness, 3) making the villagers experience the actual radio drama production in their own locality, 4) evaluate and share the effectiveness via pre/post testing of the pilot radio drama , and 5) empowering communities by listening to the radio drama, and 6) producing action plans after listening to the radio drama. Despite the Covid 19 pandemic, ‘Kabangis sa Bagyo’' pushed through and first was live streamed on Facebook and via GROOVE FM at Baybay and DYDC-FM at VSU. It was broadcast to the entire 92 barangays with more than 109,000 residents in Baybay City. 

Thresher Shark Indonesia with Rafid Shidqi 

GOAL: Increase local participation in shark protection initiatives in the Coral Triangle.

PROGRAM: Thresher Shark Indonesia (TSI) was founded in 2018. Our goal is to achieve the conservation of endangered pelagic thresher shark (Alopias pelagicus), which are the target of local communities around Alor Island, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia.
TSI combines the use of satellite and acoustic tracking devices to monitor movement and critical habitat of pelagic thresher shark, study of the socio-economic dependency of local
communities toward shark fisheries, with educational outreach to schools, universities, and Alor communities.

Goal # 14 Life Below Water
Goal # 1 No Poverty


1) https://coconuts.co/bali/features/local-ngo-out-to-save-neglected-thresher-sharks-from-extinction/?fbclid=IwAR1X--NTThXMXFuzmRZMXqiNmnS1Ay9_xrpTzhOvCyvI7FrWyOZqodXMCd0


3) Cover Story of Oceanographic (April 2021) https://www.oceanographicmagazine.com/product/issue-eighteen-end-of-the-line/


Tagpi-Tagpi Circular Entrepreneurs Initiative with Mary Jane 'MJ' Lamoste 


GOAL:  Improve women’s skills set and participation in the labor force while growing the circular economy using a personal initiative (PI) training approach

PROGRAM: Tagpi-Tagpi aims to increase entrepreneurial skills, income, and social status of the women of Apo Island. In addition, the organization hopes to increase the number of businesses owned by women in trained communities and increase sustainable consumption and production patterns in trained communities.

Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
Target 5.5: Ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic and public life

Goal 8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all
Target 8.5: By 2030, achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all women and men, including for young people and persons with disabilities, and equal pay for work of equal value

Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.
Target 12.2: By 2030, achieve the sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources

WEBSITE: https://sites.google.com/view/tagpi-tagpi/about-tagpi-tagpi?authuser=0

TV NEWS: https://fb.watch/1DGcPI3e1n/

PRESS: https://ayej.org/2020/10/16/upcycling-initiative-launched-for-women-led-businesses-in-coastal-communities/?fbclid=IwAR2pEVrMuWxnCzVZQzJBE00tiYcF-rZ0z4PMt8FfAfqAosj1JdEgcAPt2-c


Youth Conservation Action Network with Ram Chandrasekhar

GOAL: Foster environmental leadership capacity of youth and middle school students in Chennai, India

PROGRAM: Our first innovation, ‘Earth Circle’, is for young people to learn, reflect and act
on eight themes that we believe can drive environmental change. They are Stories, Change,
Hope, Futures, Community, Scale, Wealth and Technology. This is inspired by the ‘Laddership
Circle’ curriculum on gift ecology.

The second innovation, ‘Explorer Voyage’, is for students between grades 8th and 12th to develop environmental stewardship. Through
this, we will be experimenting with a new form of collaboration with an organization
called Beyond 8.
The broader significance of these innovations will be, an opportunity to kickstart the youth
civic innovation lab in our organization that will encourage them to look within and out, and
inspire them to ideate, experiment and participate in environmental conservation in their community.

Goal #15 Life on Land
Goal #4 Quality Education

WEBSITE: https://www.youcan.in/innovation

PRESS: https://www.owliverspost.com/learning-teaching-and-growing-with-nature/


Dating with Tea for Inner Peace with Lucky Wu 

GOAL: Provide alternative mental health/stress release for young people in Chengdu China

PROGRAM: The EWC and Hesu Teaism Studio explored the use of teaism as an approach to help people to enhance their capacities of resilience and adaptation to situations proactively and positively. In tea ceremonies with strangers we call Dating with Tea, sharing, communication, meditation and self-reflection are highly encouraged in the process, which aims to help people to confront the difficulties and challenges of the global pandemic. 

Goal #3 Good Health & Well-Being
Goal #10 Reduced Inequalities

1) https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s
2) https://dy.163.com/article/FK6FUH4I0545BR07.html?referFrom=


Menstrual Health & Hygiene Online Learning Experience with Mahwish Gul

GOAL: To improve the developmental and health outcomes of girls in Pakistan

PROGRAM: The proposed intervention is aimed at increasing knowledge of adolescent girls in Pakistan on menstruation and improving their menstrual hygiene practices by reaching and engaging them with available digital platforms. Furthermore, it intends to provide them with scenario based immersive learning for creating deeper and richer learning experiences. Immersive and scenario-based experiences, in which participants feel they are involved in a real-life situation, have been shown to not just enhance learning outcomes but also help influencing changes in attitudes and behaviours.  A previous similar intervention on another topic can be viewed here: https://wildfor.life/seafarer-journey#/seafarer-introduction. Note: The digital story, once completed, and other project updates will be posted on this link:

Goal #5 Gender Equality
Goal #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

WEBSITE: http://ccp-pakistan.org.pk/project/addressing-menstrual-stigma-through-immersive-online-learning/


Marine Scholars of South China Sea

GOAL: improve South China Sea health through research, dive training, coral propagation, zero waste initiatives

PROGRAM: Perhentian Marine Research Station (PMRS) was established under a conservation based social enterprise Fuze Ecoteer Outdoor Adventure. PMRS strives to combine scientific research with bottom-up bio-cultural conservation, and invites local and global communities to engage in reef conservation
and coral research in the South China Sea.

PMRS staff and interns repeatedly monitor marine reef sites around the Perhentian
Islands. The surveys includes rapid site assessments, identifying and, where
possible,removing reef pollutants, and collaborating on coral propagation and coral reef restoration programs. PMRS is taking a lead to coordinate recycle efforts and waste management on the islands.

Goal #1 and Goal #14

WEBSITE: https://www.fuze-ecoteer.com/pmrsewcproject/

CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN: https://www.simplygiving.com/appeal/researchdives4coral





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