2021 XPD Programs with #EWCinnovationfellows


The EWC Innovation for Sustainable Development Fellows (#EWCinnovationfellows) is a ten (10) year opportunity to support EWC alumni striving to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is officially recognized by the United Nations as an SDG Acceleration Action (#SDGAction37761). Non-resident fellows co-design and co-deliver innovation initiatives for the EWC within their organization, company or University. Fellows are young professionals and EWC Alumni (under age 40) in the arts, environment, education, health, and disaster resilience sectors supported in five (5) modules delivered virtually over the course of five (5) months. 

 Mapakalamidad.ph with Yayasan Peta Bencana

May 15-September 30, 2021

GOAL: Utilize Social Media for Improved Disaster Management Results

PROGRAM: Launched September 2020, Mapakalamidad.ph gathers, sorts, and visualizes data using specially developed CogniCity Open Source Software - an enterprise-level platform for emergency response and disaster management - to transform the noise of social and digital media into critical information for residents, communities, and government agencies. The platform adopts a “people are the best sensors” paradigm, where confirmed reports are collected directly from the users at street level in a manner that removes expensive and time-consuming data processing. This framework creates accurate, real-time data which is immediately made available for users and first responders.

MapaKalamidad.ph is a part of the USAID DisasterAWARE Program for ASEAN Regional and National Capacity Development for Hazard Monitoring. MapaKalamidad.ph is made possible by the support of the American People through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and through collaboration with project project partners including the Pacific Disaster Center at the University of Hawaii and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team; our implementing partners at the Office of Civil Defense, National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office of Pampanga (PDRRMC), and Quezon City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (QCDRRMO); our data partners including Twitter and Mapbox.

WEBSITE: https://info.petabencana.id/about/ and https://mapakalamidad.ph/


Majuli exhibit with Namrata Sarmah

May 15-September 30, 2021

GOAL: Explore the concept of an Eco Museum which is still an evolving cultural phenomenon in India

PROGRAM: Majuli, the largest river island in the world extends for a length of about 80 Km with an area of about 875 sq. km. Mājuli has been the cultural capital of Assamese civilisation since the 16th century. The island is inhabited by tribals, non-tribals and scheduled castes. Over the years, the annual floods in the Brahmaputra river, surrounding the island have threatened to submerge Majuli island in Assam which is home to rich biodiversity and culture. This calls for a multifaceted engagement with the traditional forms of knowledge in the island within the purview of intellectual property rights. This initiative will be closely related to SDG #11: ‘Sustainable cities and communities’ with the focus area on protecting the world's cultural and natural heritage and reducing the adverse effects of natural disasters. The objective is also to explore the concept of an Eco Museum which is still an evolving cultural phenomenon in India.

Website: https://majuliecomuseum.wordpress.com/

Circular Business Services for RecyGlo with Okka Phyo Maung

May 15-September 30, 2021

GOAL: Technology enabled easy-to-use solutions for companies to manage and reduce their trash, gain knowledge from it and share it with their collaborators.

PROGRAM: In Southeast Asia, waste is an ever-growing issue. Consumption of manufactured products is booming, while most of the cities and rural areas don’t have the proper waste management systems to separate, collect and recycle yet. At RecyGlo, our founders and our team believe that actions must be taken now. We advocate for better consumption, of course, but also to think about where our waste goes (and the answer definitely isn’t “in Ma Yamin’s backyard”). We believe that change must come from companies, by rethinking their supply chain, but also about the way they manage their factories and offices’ waste. 

Website: https://www.recyglo.com/


Makadaya Residential Startup Accelerator with Yulfitri Pramataya

May 15-September 30, 2021

GOAL: Strengthen the social entrepreneurs of Indonesia through a 9 month residential startup accelerator program in Sanur Bali

PROGRAM: The Makadaya Fellowship itself is a 9-month full training program for 10 selected fellows that aims to build Indonesia's future social enterprises. In this intensive program, fellows receive various trainings as well as access to social enterprise ecosystem networks and the opportunity to obtain business development funds. In an effort to provide holistic and adequate programs and curricula, Makadaya collaborates with various parties, such as Florida State University, East West Center, Social Enterprise Platform (PLUS), community partners, and media partners.

Website: https://makadaya.org/en/


Radio School Project on Visual Arts at Visayas State University with Dr. Christina Gabrillo

May 15-September 30, 2021

GOAL: Experiment with a visual arts program using radio and social media that improves junior and senior high students’ ability to meet academic requirements

PROGRAM: For a span of one month, modular virtual arts lessons will be aired at VSU Radio DYDC-FM with a simulcast on its official Facebook page. All lessons will follow a rundown sequence patterned from a real classroom setup that includes a roll call of students, the introduction of the current lesson, review of the past lesson, giving of quizzes or exams, and reading of feedback or comments from students. This educational program is the first of its kind  teaching visual arts across two mediums—radio and social media.

Our target audience is Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health (MAPEH) teachers with junior and senior high school students enrolled in the course including students who are enrolled in the Department of Education’s (DepEd) Special Program for the Arts. 100 to 120 students will be provided with visual art kits containing a canvas, inks, and brushes. Students will also receive an electronic load subsidy. At the end of the program, a virtual coffee table book will be launched featuring 50 of the best outputs of the enrollees. This educational broadcast is anchored on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically SDG No. 3 on Good Health and Well-being, and SDG No. 13 on Climate Action.

Website: https://ewc-soa.vsu.edu.ph/


#DemiLaut Brique Engineering Solutions with Haaziq Ibrahim

May 15-September 30, 2021

GOAL: Convert fishers into modern bankable entrepreneurs and citizen scientists collecting data via IoT on environmental information of the sea.

PROGRAM: #DemiLaut's ultimate goal is centered upon SDG14 Life Below Water, where we address the wicked problems of small-scale fisheries (SSF) in Malaysia. We aim to better manage marine resources and contribute to ocean conservation through our integrated solutions which will help uplift and upskill traditional fishers, provide them with alternative resources that ensures traceability and trackability hence promoting a sustainable fishing culture. This will transform the conventional supply chain in SSF into a value chain by closing the significant social and environmental gap through our lean bottom-to-top approach, empowering the fishers to become self-sustainable in governing their individual challenges before enabling them to govern the marine environment and food security together.

To expand our current macro-projects, we aim to scale up our micro-project "Demi Ilmu" which means "for the sake of knowledge" across Malaysia to improve ocean literacy, create awareness and advocate for the marginalized fishers through appointing youths. We aim to have a huge reach to emphasize our contributions, converting fishers into modern bankable entrepreneurs and as citizen scientists in collecting data via IoT of environmental information of the sea. Through collaboration with stakeholders, our innovative products and services include an automated net-hauling device (Pemukat Noh), economical cold chain management, the application of citizen scientists and digitizing fish trades. This project collectively automates net handling and logs catch, providing financing to purchase technological assets, allows wireless communication offshore along with data collection, and solves marketing pain points through e-commerce.

WEBSITE: http://briqueengineeringsolutions.com/



The Climate Reality Project Philippines with Ferth Manaysay

May 15-September 30, 2021

GOAL: A digital campaign accelerator workshop series for Filipino youth on climate change

PROGRAM: In line with the capacity development initiatives of the Climate Reality Project Philippines, the Klima Pandayan’s digital campaign accelerator workshop series intends to combine different participatory and collaborative social media-based campaign tools and strategies to develop an innovative and interdisciplinary curriculum aimed at empowering Filipino Climate Reality Leaders (CRL) to produce tangible results and impactful campaign initiatives for their own communities. Using synchronous and asynchronous activities on project and budget management, social media campaigning, crowd-based fundraising, and multi-stakeholder partnerships, the accelerator also draws lessons from design thinking approach to enable the participants to develop online and offline contents by identifying the problem and context of their campaign, gathering information on their audience, developing their core messaging and communication strategies, creating their models, designing, and pitching their campaign plans. By supporting the CRLs through exercises, experiences, and reflection sessions with a minimum of lecturing content, this digital campaign accelerator is unique in that it is also aimed at to fostering multisectoral partnerships with government agencies, academe, media, and civil society groups, among others. At the end of the virtual training sessions, the CRLs are required present their campaign proposals to a panel of mentors. The participants are expected to generate three (3) digital campaigns based on the following strategic priorities and national goals of the Climate Reality Project Philippines: (1) Renewable Energy; (2) Sustainable Mobility; and (3) Waste Management.

WEBSITE: https://climatereality.ph/


Schools for the Planet with Tricia Firman

May 15-September 30, 2021

GOAL: Teachers for the Planet seeks to collaborate with school communities all over Davao City in the creation of innovative and holistic interventions that can enhance and intensify environmental efforts in their campus.

PROGRAM: Teachers for the Planet will train faculty and staff on conservation, to develop a prototype based on their unique context, and to train them to replicate and facilitate the workshop in other schools in the city. The program will follow a community-based, human-centered design that prioritizes the context and needs of each school community. It will provide an opportunity for school community members to dialogue, innovate, and co-create a prototype of an intervention to address the specific needs of their campus. This initiative hopes to advance the SDG Goals: #4 Quality Education, #14 Life below Water, and #15 Life on Land.

WEBSITE: https://sites.google.com/view/schools-for-the-planet/programs/teachers-for-the-planet?authuser=0


Circular Economy Trading Ecosystem with Octopus Circular Co. and Awi Muhtar

May 15-September 30, 2021

GOAL: Revolutionize the current post consumer product trading ecosystem to create an impactful, effective & efficient collection model

PROGRAM: Octopus is a circular economy platform that helps producers to track & collect their post-consumer products for both recyclable and non-recyclable items. Our platform also allows producers to give incentives directly to our verified stakeholders. Our ecosystem ensures an ethical collection ecosystem, our AI technology provides an effective pricing model for Recycling Industry, and our collection model ensures transparency to benefit local waste stakeholders.

WEBSITE: https://www.octopus.co.id/page/about

Banglar Pathshala Foundation with Md. Maruf Hossain

May 15-September 30, 2021


GOAL: Build an interactive online platform that's capable of connecting global and regional thought leaders with youths across Bangladesh, to facilitate thought provoking ideas, innovations and actions.

PROGRAM: Over the last 12 years, Banglar Pathshala has been able to invite and collaborate with hundreds of economists, researchers, scholars and inspirational leaders including one Nobel Laureate to participate in a number of seminars, study circles, conferences and speeches targeting the young generation of Bangladesh. The high quality discussions and interactions through these activities served as source of superior supplementary learning outside of classroom for university students. The organization now aims to open up all its contents to students across Bangladesh to maximize the impact.

WEBSITE: http://bpathshala.org/index.php/activities-events/banglar-pathshala-foundation-nominated-for-prestigious-ewc-innovation-for-sustainable-development-fellowship-2021/


Dhaka River Champions with Khalid Bahauddin

May 15-September 30, 2021

GOAL: The youth led River Champions will help restore the health of Dhaka City's 4 rivers through four main lines of action: research, training, dialogue, and activism.

PROGRAM: Bangladesh is the largest delta in the world with about 230 small and large rivers that a large proportion of the country’s 140 million people depend on for sustenance and for transportation. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is predicted to be the sixth-largest megapolis by 2030 yet is the most densely populated city in the world which poses safe water challenges. A study in 2019 revealed that the four major rivers in Dhaka - the Buriganga, Shitalakhya, Turag and Balu are now so polluted that all fish have died, and increasing filth and human waste have turned it like a black gel.

Taking into account of this situation, the River Champions is a youth-led campaign for river conservancy that relies on youth to promote actions and the protection of the major rivers of the Dhaka city. These Champions would lead campaigns with the aim to share river knowledge and awareness through the creation of literacy brochures and infographics, participation in events, broadcasting messages on social media, participate in activities to protect the rivers such as clean-up activities and make dialogues with scientists, media and policy makers for stimulating the science-policy interface towards healthy ecosystem of rivers. The initiative will be hybrid in nature which provides a platform for networking, building synergies and sharing experience between key actors and youth champions for conservation of rivers of Dhaka, Bangladesh. 


Study Abroad for Mongolians with Quality Life and Delger Batnyam

May 15-September 30, 2021

GOAL: Improve access and quality of education for all

PRPGRAM: Today, the system of education in Mongolia faces several issues of accessibility and suitability particularly toward disadvantaged population groups. With the goal of improving access and quality of education for all, Quality Life and XPD will reach out to students who don’t have any information about study abroad. Specifically, we will use digital technology to build new business models and enhance audience reach. This initiative seeks to advance SDG 4 Quality Education,  SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities, and SDG 17 Partnerships.

Website: http://qualitylife.mn/?lang=en


Estudio Biabi Projeto Nox with Marina Freitag

May 15-September 30, 2021

GOAL: Help Initiatives that seek to cause Social or Environmental Impact by Improving their Online Presence

PROGRAM: Estudio Biabi a collective of self-employed communication professionals who came together to create the Nox Project. Our goal is to help initiatives that seek to cause social or environmental impact by improving their online presence. We help them to publicize their projects, to improve the experience of their services and mainly to co-create digital products that will increase their profit revenue.

With the advancement of technology, the use of digital media for communication has increased more and more due to the speed and delivery of products and services. Therefore, we believe that by using quality communication together with digital marketing to create strategic plans and digital products, it can improve the sources of income of social and environmental important initiatives in need, especially during the covid 19 pandemic. Based on our professional knowledge in the area of communication and in order to use it to encourage the UN's 2030 Agenda, we designed this project in search of SDGs 8, 9 and 17.

Website: https://estudiobiabi.com/projeto-nox/


Bhutan Tours and Travels with Thinley Choden

May 15-September 30, 2021

GOAL: • Create Virtual Reality (VR) tourism in Bhutan to address pandemic travel restrictions 

PROGRAM: The pandemic has gravely impacted the travel industry and pretty much put a halt in the Bhutanese tourism sector with devastating socio-economic impact to companies and individual and national livelihood. Therefore, being mindful of these dilemmas, I as an impact travel entrepreneur, hope to reconcile and navigate this space by following a middle path to achieve the earlier stated goal and objectives by implementing the following strategies and activities with XPD:
• Create metrics to track our contribution towards SDG 13 and SDG 17
• Establish partnerships with civil society and other partners in the environment, social and cultural spaces to leverage learnings for meaningful experiences
• Create Virtual Reality (VR) tourism to address pandemic travel restrictions and bring Bhutan to people if people cannot come to Bhutan

MEL STRATEGY: Virtual Bhutan MEL & ToC


Adaptive Teenagers Virtual Program with Ganabell Institute for Success and Enkhsoyol Battsend

May 15-September 30, 2021

GOAL: Provide interactive online learning series for the youth to adapt to the new normal of COVID-19.

PROGRAM: With the support of EWC, Ganabell Institute is initiating online, interactive training on well-being of adolescents during COVID-19 and beyond, throughout all 21 provinces of Mongolia. With this training more, youth and their parents could learn about the ways to adapt to the new normal and manage the stress in this environment. They will learn techniques and ways to build good habits, set goals and achieve them, and listen effectively to one another. The increased knowledge and practices will create happier, goal driven adolescents with brighter future! This initiative seeks SDGs' Goal #3 Good health and Well-being Goal#4 Quality Education Goal #10 Reduced Inequalities.

WEBSITE: https://ganabell.mn/%D1%82%D3%A9%D1%81%D3%A9%D0%BB-2/?fbclid=IwAR1wT1uA5O3HUl4KTx577wmCHSgJU-R__wLqM3eWegjd7bhwkbTQpiAIp9Y