XPD Programs in Asia


EWC's Next Gen Hotel Web Series

January 4 - May 1, 2021

In partnership with Bali's Earth Company and multiple corporate and NGO partners, the EWC has launched Asia's Next Gen Hotel Series. The series will shed light on the sustainability pioneers in Asia's tourism industry and provide virtual professional development for the 'Green recovery' for Asia's hoteliers while supporting SDG 6, 7, 12,and 14. The series was developed through the non-residential 2020 EWC Innovation for Sustainable Development Fellows (#EWCinnovationfellows) Program and led by EWC Alumni Tomo Hamakawa and 2020 EWC YSEALI fellow and Earth Company Intern Andi Junila Aulia. Watching the popular Netflix documentary series Street Food that travels around Asian cities to feature the most impressive street vendors, Tomo thought "why can’t and shouldn’t we do this for sustainable hotels?" Over 400 viewers tuned in to the first episode highlighting the circular features of Tomo's own Mana Earthly Paradise Resort and host site for the EWC's 2019 YSEALI Regional Workshop eXL. Subscribe to the YouTube channel to view upcoming virtual (and carbon neutral) tours of Pulau Macan with founder Roderick des Tombe and Sebatu Sanctuary with owner Alex Stanley.

EWC's Digital School for Adaptive Leadership in Mongolia

January 4 - March 19, 2021

In partnership with Mongolia's innovative Ganabell Institute for Success and the EWCA Mongolia Chapter, the EWC's Digital School for Adaptive Leadership is an 11-week, virtual professional development program improving access to expertise of EWC staff and alumni and aligned with SDG's 4,8,10, and 17. The 219 Mongolian professionals enrolled are from private, non-profit, and civil sectors and amazingly from all of Mongolia's 21 provinces. This first-of-its-kind program was supported and developed through the non-residential 2020 EWC Innovation for Sustainable Development Fellows (#EWCinnovationfellows) and led by EWC Alumna Gana Purevjav. Courses will be taught by EWC Experiential Professional Development staff, current Mongolian EWC Graduate Degree Fellow Uyanga Batzogs, Asia Foundation Mongolia staff and EWCA Chapter Leader Tsom Altakehundaga, and Mongolian EWC Alumna Delger Batnyam Songool. The full program schedule can be viewed here and please follow the Ganabell Institute for Success Facebook page for opportunities to fund scholarships for underserved women to attend.


EWC's Radio Drama 'Be Typhoon Resilient' in the Philippines

December 22, 2020 | 11 AM Philippine Standard Time (December 21, 2020 | 5 PM Hawaii Standard Time)

In partnership with the Department of Development Communications at Visayas State University, 2020 #EWCinnovationfellows Jerica (EWC/YSEALI), MJ (EWC/YSEALI), and Christina Gabrillo (APLP) developed a participatory radio drama production using a indigenous language of the Philippines to improve equity in disaster resilience. The innovative program shown in this video targeted SDGs 3, 5, and 13 with 6 major objectives: 1) raising awareness on disaster preparedness particularly on typhoons in Leyte communities, 2) inculcating sustainable practices of the communities on disaster preparedness, 3) making the villagers experience the actual radio drama production in their own locality, 4) evaluate and share the effectiveness via pre/post testing of the pilot radio drama , and 5) empowering communities by listening to the radio drama, and 6) producing action plans after listening to the radio drama. Despite the Covid 19 pandemic, ‘Kabangis sa Bagyo’' pushed through and first was live streamed on Facebook and via GROOVE FM at Baybay and DYDC-FM at VSU. It was broadcast to the entire 92 barangays with more than 109,000 residents in Baybay City. 

Support EWC's Coral Triangle Endangered Shark Initiative

End Date: January 31, 2021

EWC Innovation Fellow and team member of the Thresher Shark Project Indonesia, Rafid Shidqi, is working on an initiative to help save Indonesian thersher sharks. 

For many remote coastal communities, shark fishing is a crucial source of livelihood. Alor Island is located within the East Nusa Tenggara Province in the southern part of the Coral Triangle – this area is amongst the most biodiverse marine environments on our planet, home to more than 30% of all coral and fish species, including many iconic shark and ray species. Alor is also home to a targeted Thresher shark fishery.

Visit their website for more information on how to help!


EWC #EarthOptimism Awards: Southeast Asia

In partnership with the Smithsonian Conservation Commons, the EWC hosts the annual EWC #EarthOptimism Awards: Southeast Asia. This contest co-designed, co-delivered, and co-judged by XPD fellows, recognizes successful efforts and achievements in Southeast Asia that made a positive difference to the environment and human communities. Awards are divided into three (3) categories of Oceans, Land, Cities, and further divided into four (4) fields of Arts and Media, Technology and Innovation, Business and Finance, and Research and Discovery.

EWC Innovation Challenges with InnoDays.org

In partnership with InnoDays.org, the EWC hosts live and virtual innovation challenges which combine companies, designers, engineers and entrepreneurial students to turn ideas into prototypes within 48 hours. Read about the 2020 InnoDays #circular economy sponsored by the circular plastics company Plasticpreneur and about the 2020 InnoDays #micromobility sponsored by the EDF Innovation Lab. Watch the recap of the live 2019 InnoDays #circulareconomy in Vienna sponsoredd by Raiffeisen Bank International AG, Andritz Metal and Rauch Fruchtsaefte. 

EWC Virtual Bootcamps for Entrepreneurs

The EWC hosts live and virtual 3-4 day convenings called bootcamps for impact entrepreneurs. These bootcamps strengthen connections amongst stakeholders in a community’s ecosystem through innovative programming and sharing of resources and expertise. Read about the 2020 virtual entrepreneur bootcamp supported by EWC and Bluepreneur. This bootcamp co-designed, co-delivered, and co-judged by XPD fellows, supported blue solutions in the oceans and waters of Southeast Asia.



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