Humane Artificial Intelligence (HAI) Summer Retreat “Ecologies and Artificial Intelligence: When TECH Meets TEK ”


EWC Humane Artificial Intelligence (HAI) summer retreat 

“Ecologies and Artificial Intelligence: When TECH Meets TEK ” 

Dr. Emilie Parry and Dr. Andre Uhl

Exploring divergences and convergences across nature-based worldviews and the accelerating formations and applications of Artificial Intelligence

Workshop: August 4th 8:00-10:30 am OR 5:00-7:30 pm Hawaii Standard Time
Hackathon: August 14-15, schedule TBA

Invitation only

Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), a general capture of diverse worldviews bridging back across cultures and centuries, may aid in such reflection, as we ask what we as humanity value, what we understand of climate change and our earth systems, and what we need in order to survive and thrive as part of our local and global ecologies. In this HAI retreat, we will be exploring the intersection of ethical AI with traditional ecological knowledge, patterns and processes, and their inter-relationship (in conflict, in contradiction, in vulnerability and risk, in opportunity and potential harmony) across systems of learning and collaborating. We envision the retreat resulting in a range of participatory action research projects that will be engaged during the Humane AI Climate Hackathon based on methods and approaches for “humane AI research” in the context of community-based climate action. We seek community guidance to prevent misuse and unintended consequences of technology, and emphasize grassroots citizen science, education, and innovation based on principles of collectively guided data governance and participatory design.