The APLP Experience


The Asia Pacific Leadership Program is a cohort-based leadership learning and development opportunity run by the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawai`i. Each year, approximately 25 mid-career professionals from across the Asia-Pacific region are selected as APLP fellows. Together, they explore emerging and critical issues in the region and the world, examine leadership models and approaches, and develop leadership intentions and strategies.

APLP fellows engage in place-based, experiential, and transformative learning that results in new and expanded understandings of leadership. Fellows gain new perspectives on why leadership is important, and how leadership can help communities create inclusive and sustainable futures. Fellows analyze and test leadership skills throughout the program, and outline their own plans for continued leadership growth beyond the program. Through the APLP, fellows ultimately learn to understand and lead change.


Who Participates in APLP?

Peer learning and engagement across differences is fundamental to the APLP. Cohorts typically include fellows from over 18 countries with a variety of personal and professional identities. There are no citizenship, age, or ethnicity restrictions. APLP fellows have five or more years of work experience. Fellows are required to have at least a three-year bachelor's degree; most also have a master’s degree. Past fellows have ranged in age from the late 20s to mid 40s, with an average age of 32 years. APLP fellows join a network of 650 APLP alumni from 45 countries across the globe.


How Long is the APLP?

The program is four months long. It begins with five weeks of virtual connection during which fellows develop shared definitions and expectations that form the foundation of their residency. The two-month residency takes place in Honolulu, Hawai`i, and includes a fellow-led field study. The program wraps with three weeks of virtual engagement that  enables fellows to support one another as they return home.


When is the APLP?

2022 APLP Dates:

  • Pre-residency Virtual Connection: May 22-June 25
  • Residency in Hawai`i: June 26-August 20
    • includes a fellow-led field study within the Hawaiian Islands
  • Post-residency Virtual Connection: August 21-September 9


Financial Information

Visit our page on program costs and funding options for more information.