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Alisha Bhagat (APLP Generation 12 alum) shares what's unique about the East-West Center Leadership Program experience.


How has the APLP impacted fellows personally and professionally?  Read what they have to say.

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APLP Alumni Board 2019-2021

Each generation (G) elects one representative to the Alumni Board. The current board members are:

  • Blaine Baldwin (G5), President
  • Scott Coates (G11), Vice-President
  • Joyce Wong (G17), Secretary
  • Ofeina Manuel Barbarich (G13), Alumni Relations
  • Cynthia Chang (G18), Chair - Communications
  • Christina Monroe (G4), APLP Staff Liaison
  • Gretchen Alther (G12), APLP Staff Liaison
  • Ing Phansavath (G2)
  • Michele Fugiel Gartner (G3)
  • Ritchie Amanita Asibal (G4)
  • Blaine Baldwin (G5)
  • Cristina Veran (G7)
  • Shawn Hall (G8)
  • Azadeh Davari (G9)
  • Joshua Cooper (G9)
  • Joshua Monthei (G10)
  • Dayaprasad G Kulkami (G11)
  • Scott Coates (G11)
  • Michelle Taminato (G12)
  • Ofeina Manuel Barbarich (G13)
  • Sharanya Dilip (G14)
  • Gaki Tshering (G15)
  • Elizabeth Milo (G16)
  • Joyce Wong (G17)
  • Ram Nathh Chandra Sekar Krishnamoorthy (G17)
  • Cynthia Chang (G18)
  • Ariana Loehr (G19)
  • Manoj Kumar (G19)


Nainoa Thompson Scholarship Fund

The Nainoa Thompson Scholarship Fund was founded by APLP alumni to provide scholarship support to meritorious APLP fellows who embody the spirit of Nainoa Thompson’s passion and dedication to community development. The scholarship(s) will provide funding which may support the awardee’s ongoing involvement in collaborative leadership, making a positive difference at the community level, and building community out of diversity. Funds are raised annually. The inaugural recipient, Mr. Lhobsang Pandan from Tibet, graduated in 2006. Subsequent Nainoa Thompson Scholars are: Linda Furuto (G6) from Hawaii; Huyen Truong (G7) from Vietnam; Dina Zenitha (G8) from Indonesia; Yongoe Kambue (G9) from Papua New Guinea; Tetsuji Matsumoto (G10) from Japan; Andrew Soh (G11) from Malaysia/Philippines; Mami Sato (G12) from Japan; Annalie Eddy (G13) from Philippines, Thao Phuong Nguyen (G14) from Vietnam, Kyomunim Padma Namgyal Ajita (G15) from India, Phanikumar Kadambari (G16) from India, Erdenee Batzorig (G17) from Mongolia, and Sumita Sarma (G18) from India.  The current Nainoa Thompson Scholar is Ritu Thapa (G19) from Nepal.

To donate to the fund, please click here.