The APLP Community



The East-West Center is unique among international institutions in its focus on community building at the campus level as a stepping stone to community building at the regional level.

APLP participants have a remarkable opportunity to capitalize on the diverse skills, talents, knowledge and experiences of fellow APLP classmates who come from over 20 countries and a broad array of backgrounds ranging from business, politics and science to neighborhood, religious, advocacy and research communities. Rather than viewing difference and diversity as obstacles, the APLP approaches them as opportunities for discussion, debate and mutual growth.

Participation in the APLP means involvement in a community that includes the East-West Center’s staff, dynamic fellow participants, alumni and the many supporters of the program in government, non-profit organizations, business and multi-lateral organizations. New relationships provide vehicles for sharing ideas and forming support networks. These networks stretch from South Asia to Japan and from the U.S. to Central Asia and beyond and are keys to success in times of increased global connectivity, instability and change.