APLP Group Independent Study Travel


The Group Independent Study Travel (GIST) component of the APLP involves a team of selected 'delegates' from the cohort.  Participants spend approximately fifteen weeks in Asia carrying out specific research travel and small scale community support activities.  GIST provides a condensed and intensive field work experience under the guidance of the East-West Center.  The GIST program relies heavily on the individual to create a meaningful and dynamic project experience, while balancing the challenges and leveraging the opportunities of group travel.  Detailed information on GIST and how to apply are released to current APLP fellows during the fall term.

How to Apply

The application process for GIST occurs during the fall term of the APLP and requires a proposal, itemized estimated budget, travel timeline, and possible contacts.  Applications are reviewed by both APLP staff and GIST alumni.  Approximately 4-7 current APLP fellows who apply for GIST are offered a chance to participate.  The number of offers relies upon a multitude of factors which include the quality of applications and funding.  More information on how to apply and funding are released during the fall term.

GIST Blogs

As part of the GIST program, participants, known as 'GISTers,' maintain a blog where they share their discoveries, journeys, and experiences.  Please take a moment to visit the blogs below.