East-West Center Innovation Fellows

EWC Innovation Fellow Sumita attended the Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP) in 2019 then established an EWC Lab within her division of Fair Trade USA. She delivered professional development training in climate change and
health for over 5500 garment factory workers in India.

Organizations are facing unprecedented pressure to innovate. Yet current approaches towards innovation are haphazard, seem episodic, and may lack support.

EWC Innovation Fellows receive crucial financial and strategic support from the East-West Center to lead a team of innovators within an organization. Cohorts of ten (10) fellows will represent their innovation teams in ten (10) modules all delivered virtually over the course of ten (10) months. The program supports innovation within health, environment, community resilience, and the arts sectors with past initiatives captured on our YouTube channel.

Fellows serve as ambassadors for the East-West Center improving the Center’s 1) effectiveness by publishing case studies and videos for use in our trainings, 2) reach by serving those unable to attend training in Hawaii, 3) impact by sharing learnings via live virtual meetups with residential programs in Hawaii, and 4) engagement by joining and offering programming with 51 regional EWC chapters. 


Lance Boyd
Senior Experiential Leadership Education Specialist
Email: boydl@eastwestcenter.org
Phone: (808) 944-7477