East-West Center Labs

EWC Lab founder Sumita attended the Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP) in 2019 then established an EWC Lab within her division of Fair Trade USA. She delivered professional development training in climate change and
health for over 5500 garment factory workers in India.

EWC Labs are funded opportunities for experiential professional development designed by teams of EWC Associates in collaboration with their city's EWCA Chapters and EWC staff mentors. EWC Associates from EWC Professional Development, Leadership, Seminars, Education, or regional workshops and their teams are hired to embed an EWC Lab within their organization, university, government agency, or company and develop their own innovative, experiential, professional development experience for their staff and broader communities. EWC Labs enable the Center to reach new audiences unable to attend residential programming in Hawai‘i while increasing the presence of the Center in local communities unfamiliar with the work of the EWC. The EWC Lab teams publish a case study with guidelines for others to follow, create a video of their work the EWC can use to promote their regional impact on social media, and develop or improve the websites of their city's EWCA Chapter. 

To learn more about existing Labs and the work they have done, check out our 2019 Impact Report.