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The 2021 Mekong Data-Journalism Fellowship was a collaboration between the Internews Earth Journalism Network (EJN), Stimson Center, and the East-West Center to provide journalists from the Mekong region with exposure to subject-matter experts in region and the United States, an intensive data-journalism training series, story production grants and mentorship support.  The Fellowship concluded in January 2022.

The partnership between EJN, Stimson Center, and EWC provided selected Fellows the opportunity to gain an increased understanding of the issues relating to water security along the Mekong River Basin, while gaining access to open data and step-by-step guidance to produce impactful and data-driven media stories that have raised awareness of water security challenges and solutions in the Mekong region.  

The Fellows' stories have been distributed on local and regional media outlets, including: the Bangkok Post, Vientiane Times, South China Morning Post, Southeast Asia Globe, VoA Cambodia, VietNam News, The Straits Times, The Third Pole, DanViet, KachinWave and DVB Myanmar.


Published Stories


Cohort One

Pratch Rujivanarom. "Dams fail but still vital." Bangkok Post, 26 Sep. 2021

Ekaphone Phouthonesy. "What does the data tell us about electricity pricing in Laos?" Vientiane Times, 11 Oct. 2021

Sen Nguyen. "Vietnam's addiction to coal shows tough climate choices developing Asia faces on emissions pledgesSouth China Morning Post, 25 Oct. 2021

Jitsiree Thongnoi. "Thai military feels the heat over plan for solar farmSouth China Morning Post, 27 Oct. 2021

Le Quynh. "Alarm bells ring for mangroves in Unesco-recognised reserve in VietnamThe Strait Times, 7 Nov. 2021

Boonyanin Pakvisal. "Locked in - Why Thailand buys electricity from LaosSoutheast Asia Globe, 12 Nov. 2021

Sokummono Khan. "Cambodia's FIsh Catch Numbers Don't Add Up for FishersVoice of America (VOA) Khmer, 15 Dec. 2021

Socheata Hean. "Cambodia's Mismatch of Solar Potential and Energy HarvestingVoice of America (VOA) Khmer, 16 Dec. 2021

Le Dinh Tuyen. "Sand scraped up, money poured down"; Series 1Series 2Thanh Nien, 25 Mar. 2022, 26 Apr. 2022


Cohort Two

Van Nguyen. "Mekong fisherman struggle to survive" Vietnam News, 19 Dec. 2021

Kannikar Petchkaew. "Unraveling the Mystery of Laos' U-Turn from Renewables to Coal to Power the Battery of Southeast Asia" FM100 CMU, Thailand, 14 January 2022

Maran Htoi. "Myanmar's environment hit by rare eath mining boomKachinWaves, 17 Jan. 2022; Mekong Eye, 23 May. 2022

Nhin Tan Thuan. "Data exposes flaws in Mekong Delta resilience plansThe Third Pole, 25 Jan. 2022

Le Thu Mach. "Mekong Delta Floods and Migrants: 25 Lessons from the Numbers" Danviet, 28 Jan. 2022

Myat Nyein Aye. "A glimpse into the amazing deforestation of the deltaDVB, 31 Jan. 2022

Linh Pham. "Vietnam targets net zero, but struggles to break coal dependenceChina Dialogue. 31 Jan. 2022

Mien Nguyen. "'New Normal' in the Mekong DeltaHeinrich Böll Stiftung. 22 Feb. 2022

Choulay Mech. "Where There's Smoke: Researchers Warn of Heightened Risks From Air Pollution" VOD.  4 Mar. 2022

Vo Kieu Bao-Uyen. "Vietnam's fishermen battle a lack of fish and ChinaTia Sang. 9 Mar. 2022


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