China-United States Journalists Exchange


The All-China Journalists Association, the Better Hong Kong Foundation and the East-West Center jointly launched the 1st China-United States Journalists Exchange in 2010 to increase and deepen public understanding of the two countries and their relationship.  The program offers opportunities for six to seven Chinese journalists to travel to the United States and six to seven U.S. journalists to travel to China. Nearly 100 journalists have participated in this program.

The Chinese participants visit Washington D.C. and one to two other cities in the United States while the American journalists visit Beijing, another mainland China city and Hong Kong.  Following these study tours, all Chinese and American journalists meet for a final dialogue at the East-West Center to share their travel experiences and new perspectives; and to exchange opinions on how media coverage of each country and the US-China relationship can be improved.



Travel for the US participants to China and Hong Kong has been cancelled

The 2019 China-United States Journalists Exchange is scheduled for August 31 – September 14, 2019. This year marks the 40th anniversary of US-China bilateral relations, 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and 10th anniversary of the China-US Journalists Exchange. The 2019 program will focus on the prospects of business and trade between the world’s two largest economies amid continued escalation of trade friction and economic threats after trade talks concluded with no deal. The reporting tour will provide opportunities for journalists to explore these and other current issues in the important bilateral relationship under the leadership of President Donald J. Trump and President Xi Jinping. Participants will get a firsthand look at a wide range of topics impacting US-China relations including social, economic and political challenges in both countries as well as stability and security in the Asia-Pacific region.           

The 2019 Exchange will take six Chinese journalists to the United States and six US journalists to China and Hong Kong to meet with government officials, business leaders, academics, journalists, non-governmental organizations and other members of the Chinese and American communities. Following these group study tours, all of the Chinese and American journalists will meet at East-West Center Washington for a one-day dialogue to share their travel experiences and exchange opinions on how media coverage of US-China issues can be improved in the participants’ respective countries.

Theme: “Four Decades of US-China Relations: Prospects for Business and Trade”

Dates: August 31-September 13, 2019 for US participants (this portion of the program has been cancelled)

September 8-14, 2019 for Chinese participants

China Destinations: The East-West Center has cancelled its travel program for US participants to China and Hong Kong

US Destinations: Des Moines, Iowa and Washington, DC

* All US and Chinese participants will meet at the East-West Center in Washington, DC for a one-day dialogue. (This portion of the program has been cancelled)

Co-organizers: The All-China Journalists Association, the Better Hong Kong Foundation, and the East-West Center

Funding: The program covers all air transportation, lodging, and program-related ground transportation and meals for participating journalists

All participants are responsible for their visa fees, health insurance and airline baggage charges.


The 2019 participants are:

Chinese participants:

  • Mr. ZHENG Bo, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Economic Daily, Beijing
  • Ms. MA Xiaoning, Vice Director of International News Department, People’s Daily, Beijing
  • Ms. TU Yun, Editor/Reporter, China Radio International, Beijing
  • Mr. WANG Yu, Deputy Director of Economic News Department, China Daily, Beijing
  • Ms. JIN Wei, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Heilongjiang Broadcasting Station, Harbin



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