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Designed for multinational journalists and informed audiences, EWC Seminars Live is a bimonthly webinar and briefing series that seeks to inform, connect, and source media stories.

The EWC Seminars Live webinars provide increased exposure and interconnectivity among media professionals and experts via globally accessible speaking events. Many webinar themes have been sourced from a recent survey of over 165 journalists and are open to all registrants.

The EWC Seminars Live briefings provide on-the-record access to newsworthy experts, government officials, business executives, civil society leaders, and artists in an interactive and engaged online format. The briefings are intended to build American and international journalists’ networks and inspire future story ideas.

EWC Seminars Live webinars are unrestricted and open to the public, in addition to journalists from across the globe. EWC Seminars Live briefings are restricted and only partially open to the public. Speaker remarks are publicly accesssible, but an interactive Q&A session is limited to working journalists from any country. Freelancers are also eligible and efforts will be made to ensure regional and media diversity. Fluency in English is required of those participating in the briefings.


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Past Webinars & Briefings

The Future of Media 

Tuesday, December 8, 2020 | 3:00-4:15pm, Hawaii

Although “The Future of Media” is a topic that has been around forever, it has taken on a whole new meaning with the Covid-19 pandemic. Drastic drops in ad revenue have led to layoffs and closures, while misinformation and attacks on journalists and press freedom have grown. On the other hand, there is “evidence of stronger community investment in journalism and increased audience engagement in reporting,” according to the Journalism and the Pandemic Project. "These comparatively optimistic findings may be key to reimagining postpandemic journalism as a more mission-driven and audience-centered public service."

A report by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism found an increase in news consumption during the pandemic and an "accelerated move to digital media and mobile media and various kinds of platforms…a ray of hope may be that increasing numbers of people are willing to pay for news online."

This webinar will feature media experts and innovators speaking about how journalists and news organizations can best prepare/transform themselves to succeed in a post-pandemic media environment by cutting reliance on advertising, building community-focused media, developing new journalism and entrepreneurial skills, and following different career paths as jobs start to bounce back. As the hope of vaccines accelerates our thinking about life after the pandemic, journalists should not miss this important program!

Speakers(listed in alphabetical order)

  • Rama MAMUAYA, Founder and CEO, DailySocial.id, Indonesia @rampok
  • Tim WILLIAMSON, Managing Director, Telum Media, Singapore @timwilliamson
  • Anita ZIELINA, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism, City University of New York @Zielina


  • Alan SOON, Co-founder, Splice Media, Singapore @alansoon

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EWC Seminars & EWC in Washington Present:

Asia Perspectives on Future Relations as America Votes

Tuesday, October 27 | 3:00-4:30pm, Hawaii

On the eve of America’s 2020 presidential elections, citizens and governments in Asia Pacific are tuned in, eager for news, information and insights on what the election results will bring for relations with their countries. The hardening rivalry between the United States and China is the single biggest feature of US policy over the past four years and of the 2020 discussions regarding Asia. Experts from across Asia express a range of responses to the costs, benefits, and durability of the hardening rivalry; and reflect on how to navigate the US-China rivalry while managing myriad other issues in bilateral relations with the United States. There is a sense in the region, perhaps as much as at home in the United States that the US faces a critical moment.

Continuing an innovative Asia Matters for America/America Matters for Asia project of tracking U.S. administrations and presidential candidates regarding the region, this EWC Seminars Live will preview the findings of a new EWC report on US Asia Policy & Debate in the 2020 Elections and Regional Responses. The report assesses key issues in US regional relations and the hopes, worries, and expectations of regional allies and friends based on dozens of interviews.

Speakers(listed in speaking order)

  • Robert SUTTER, Professor of Practice of International Affairs, George Washington University; co-author of EWC’s "US Asia Policy & Debate in the 2020 Elections and Regional Responses," Washington, DC, USA
  • Nirmal GHOSH, US Bureau Chief, The Straits Times, Washington, DC, USA @karmanomad
  • Sunetra CHOUDHURY, National Political Editor, Hindustan Times, New Delhi, India @sunetrac
  • Anthony KUHN, NPR's Correspondent in Seoul, South Korea @akuhnNPRnews


  • Satu LIMAYE, Vice President and Director, East-West Center Washington; co-author of EWC’s "US Asia Policy & Debate in the 2020 Elections and Regional Responses," Washington, DC, USA @SatuLimaye 

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The East-West Center and South China Morning Post Present:

The Future of US-China-Hong Kong Relations and Media Challenges

Tuesday, October 6 | 2:30-4:00pm, Hawaii
The US government sees China eroding Hong Kong's freedoms in violation of Beijing's "one country, two systems" commitment. For Americans, Hong Kong is a case of a powerful dictatorship forcing authoritarianism on a small and relatively free community, and also an instance of China disregarding an international commitment. Beijing sees Hong Kong as a haven for intolerably subversive ideas, and alleges that Washington is using Hong Kong as a tool to weaken China. The Trump Administration has levied sanctions against Chinese officials over the National Security Law and has several advisors pushing for a decoupling of the two economies.  Meanwhile the Biden-Harris team promises to make liberal values an important part of US foreign policy. Trump and Biden are competing to appear tough on China as part of their election campaign strategies. Hong Kong is one of the friction points in a rapidly deteriorating US-China relationship in the wake of the ongoing trade war and expulsion of journalists by both countries.


  • Gary LIU, CEO, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong @garyliu
  • Keith RICHBURG, Director, Journalism and Media Studies Centre, University of Hong Kong; and former Washington Post China Correspondent, Hong Kong @keithrichburg
  • Robert DELANEY, North America Bureau Chief and Columnist, South China Morning Post, former reporter in China for Dow Jones Newswires and Bloomberg, Washington, DC, USA @RFDelaney
  • Lingling WEI, Senior China Correspondent, Wall Street Journal, based in Beijing until China expelled Journal reporters in 2020; co-author, Superpower Showdown: How the Battle Between Trump and Xi Threatens a New Cold War, New York, USA @Lingling_Wei 
  • Angie LAU, Editor-in-Chief, CEO, and Founder, Forkast.News, Hong Kong @AngieTVLau
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Combating Bigotry with Satire Briefing

Tuesday, September 22 | 4:00 – 5:15pm, Hawaii

Comedy, in its worst and best forms, helps societies test what it means to say “us” and what lines we can or cannot bear crossing. Precisely because of its ability to poke fun at those in power or serve as segue into meaningful commentary, satire is both clearly visible and applauded in film and television, from The Muslims are Coming to The Last Man Standing. That said, the #OscarsSoWhite movement which followed on from #BlackLivesMatter, has shed light on the lack of diversity and inclusion within the entertainment industry as well as the ongoing use of racial, religious, and gendered stereotypes, which normalize prejudice. Hear well-known comedians discuss the power of comedy and satire in informing audiences and combating religious and racial bigotry while also touching on the challenges of poking fun at belief systems or provocative social issues.

Speakers: (listed in speaking order)

  • Ashley DEE, Comedian and Activist, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA @ashleydeecomedy
  • Dean OBEIDALLAH, Comedian, Writer and Co-director, The Muslims are Coming; and Host, "The Dean Obeidallah Show" On SiriusXM, New York City, New York, USA @DeanObeidallah
  • Jenny YANG, Comedian, Actor, and Executive Show Editor, “Last Man Standing,” Los Angeles, California, USA  @jennyyangtv


  • Jaweed KALEEM, National Correspondent, The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, California, USA @jaweedkaleem

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Global Civil Rights Activists Find Their Collective Voice Webinar

Tuesday, September 8 | 4:00 – 5:30pm, Hawaii

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests have erupted across the globe, connecting millions of minorities in calling attention to economic disparities and inequalities, institutional discrimination, and police brutality in their own countries. The broad spread of these protests has amplified minority voices and their demands for change. In Tunisia, where upwards of 15% of the population identifies as black, protesters in Tunis gathered to demand educational and awareness efforts aimed at fighting racial discrimination and xenophobia. In the United Kingdom, the protests speak to the vulnerabilities felt by blacks, Asians, and minority ethnic peoples of which 1,500 have died in police custody since 1990. In Australia, huge crowds turned out in cities like Sydney and Melbourne, over systemic racism targeting Aboriginal people and the deaths of more than 400 Aboriginals since 1991 at the hands of police. Hear from a new generation of civil rights activists discuss how they’re finding their collective voice as well as fighting back against inequality, systematic racism, and police brutality.

Speakers: (listed in speaking order, Ms. Mosbah and Ms. Bangura appearing via pre-recorded video)

  • Adam GREEN, Associate Professor of American History, Department of History, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA @UChicagoHistory
  • DeRay MCKESSON, Civil Rights Activist, Podcast Host “Pod Save the People,” and Author, On the Other Side of Freedom: The Case for Hope, Baltimore, Maryland, USA @deray
  • Melina ABDULLAH, Co-founder, Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, and Professor, Pan-African Studies, California State University, Los Angeles, CA, USA @DocMellyMel
  • Saadia MOSBAH, President, M’nemty, Tunis, Tunisia @MosbahSaadia
  • Siana BANGURA, Producer, 1500 & Counting, Writer, and Community Organizer, Black Lives Matter UK, London, United Kingdom @sianaarrgh
  • Cheryl AXLEBY, Co-Chair, Change the Record; and Co-Chair and CEO, Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement South Australia, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services, Melbourne, Australia @NATSILS_


  • Lenneal J. HENDERSON, Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Public and International Affairs, The University of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland; and Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Virginia State University, Claremont, Virginia, USA @publicaffairsub
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Partisan Warfare and Voting in 2020 America Briefing

Tuesday, August 25 | 4:00 – 5:15pm, Hawaii

Political participation in the United States has been contested since the founding of the nation and defined by distinct periods of electoral expansion and contraction. The US has at times excluded certain segments of the population from the voting process:  women, racial and ethnic minorities, landless whites, members of certain faiths, and most recently, citizens with felony convictions. For each of these groups, securing the right to vote has been won through collective action amid or following periods of immense social transformation or economic crisis, with far-reaching impact on partisan politics. As COVID-19 profoundly alters how Americans vote and candidates campaign, the 2020 US elections are expected to be extraordinarily consequential for the American electoral and political system. ​The Trump administration’s response to the pandemic and the economic crisis it has triggered, along with protests demanding racial justice, may also result in an influx of new voters or voters crossing party lines, thereby changing the electoral base and ushering in partisan realignment. Hear from former presidential speechwriters as they discuss how the 2020 elections may be more or less inclusive and may reshape the Republican and Democratic parties and American democracy itself. 

Speakers: (listed in speaking order)

  • Mary Kate CARY, Former George H.W. Bush Speechwriter and Senior Fellow for Presidential Studies, Miller Center, University of Virginia, Washington, DC, USA @mkcary
  • David LITT, Former Barack Obama Speechwriter and Author, Democracy in One Book or Less, Washington, DC, USA @davidlitt

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Democracy in the Balance Webinar

Thursday, August 13 | 4:00 – 5:30pm, Hawaii

The COVID-19 pandemic is posing a major test to public confidence in the leaders of democratic societies as well as in democracy itself. The pandemic strikes at a time when democracy and freedom are in global decline. The erosion, in particular, of press freedom is both a symptom and contributor to the breakdown of other democratic institutions and principles. Elected leaders in many democracies have made explicit attempts to undermine the separation of powers, foment social divisions, and silence critical media voices. Hear prominent journalists discuss how democracy in Israel, India, the US, and the Philippines is being eroded by contested elections, polarization and populist consolidation of power, weak leadership, and disinformation.

Speakers: (listed in speaking order)

  • Khaldoun BARGHOUTI, Israeli Affairs Editor, Al-Hayat al-Jadida, Ramallah, Palestine @KHBarghouti
  • Arfa KHANUM, Senior Editor, The Wire, New Delhi, India @khanumarfa
  • Lillian CUNNINGHAM, Creator and Host “Presidential” and “Constitutional” podcasts, The Washington Post, Washington, DC, USA @lily_cunningham
  • D.J. YAP, Senior Reporter, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila, Philippines @deejayapINQ


  • Seth C. MCKEE, Professor of Political Science, Oklahoma State University, and Editor-in-Chief, Political Research Quarterly, Stillwater, OK, USA @OKstatePoliSci

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The Learning Curve: Public Health Experts on Lessons from Covid-19 Response in Asia and the US Webinar

Tuesday, July 28 | 4:00 – 5:30pm, Hawaii 

The world has looked to South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Vietnam as successful examples in their initial responses to Covid-19; their case numbers and deaths have been lower compared to western countries. With the SARS and MERS pandemics still fresh in mind, these Asian governments reacted quickly, firmly and robustly to control the pandemic, and they continue to do so as second and third waves threaten their populations. In contrast, the United States leads the world by far in total numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths with new outbreaks and fatalities surging. Hospitals in most seriously affected communities continue to be short on supplies. Americans say government policy has sometimes been inconsistent and confusing, and wearing masks has become a political issue, not just a matter of health.

Two internationally respected public health and infectious disease experts will compare and contrast the responses taken by the United States and examples in Asia in addressing the Covid-19 pandemic; share lessons learned from these approaches; and offer best steps forward for the world to defeat the current pandemic and prevent future ones.

Speakers: (listed in speaking order)

  • Dr. Michael T. OSTERHOLM, Regents Professor and Director, Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, University of Minnesota, and Author, Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germs, Minneapolis, MN, USA @mtosterholm
  • Dr. Keiji FUKUDA, Director and Clinical Professor, University of Hong Kong School of Public Health, Hong Kong SAR China @HKU_SPH


  • Maryn MCKENNA, Freelance Journalist and Senior Fellow, Center for the Study of Human Health, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA @marynmck

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Maria Ressa: Press Freedom Under Fire

Tuesday, July 14 | 4:00 – 5:30pm, Hawaii time

Journalists around the world have seen increased attacks on press freedom. Acclaimed Philippine journalist Maria Ressa, a global advocate for press freedom, was recently sentenced up to six years in prison for cyber libel. The conviction, which she is appealing, has been protested by supporters around the world who believe the charges were fabricated in retribution for her unflinching coverage of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s Administration. Ressa, CEO and executive editor of the Rappler, has also led a battle against disinformation, particularly against what she calls the "weaponization" of social media platforms by authoritarian leaders and extremists. After her conviction Maria warned: “We are meant to be a cautionary tale…Don’t be afraid -- if you don’t exercise your rights, you will lose them.”

In 2018 Time magazine recognized Maria, along with several other persecuted or killed journalists the magazine called "the Guardians," as Person of the Year. The East-West Center also honored Maria as a "Journalist of Courage and Impact" at the 2018 International Media Conference in Singapore. Maria's EWC Seminars Live remarks will focus on attacks on press freedom and democracy around the world, in addition to her own case.

Maria Ressa will speak as the East-West Center's 2020 George Chaplin Fellowship in Distinguished Journalism honoree. The George Chaplin Fellowship in Distinguished Journalism was established in 1986 to honor the leadership and ideals of the late George Chaplin, an enthusiastic advocate of cultural exchange and former editor-in-chief of The Honolulu Advertiser. Chaplin Fellows are chosen because of their significant contributions to journalism.


  • Maria RESSA, CEO and Executive Editor, Rappler, Manila, Philippines @mariaressa


  • Sheila S. CORONEL, Academic Dean of the Graduate School of Journalism and Director of the Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism, Columbia University and Co-founder, Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism @SheilaCoronel

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Frontline Reporting from COVID Hot Spots Webinar

Thursday, July 2nd | 4:00 – 5:30pm, Hawaii time

Journalists in COVID-19 hot spots have faced unprecedented professional challenges and personal risks to cover life and death issues. Our seven US and Asian speakers have been on the ground reporting from Wuhan’s seafood market and hospitals amid local government cover-ups; in East Asian streets and Seattle nursing homes as the deadly virus spread; and in South Asia with massive migrations of hungry workers escaping India’s locked-down cities and hundreds of Pakistani journalists contracting the virus. Journalists have still faced growing government threats and media shutdowns. Hear the journalists' insights, back stories, challenges and lessons learned in the face of an expected second wave.

Panelists: (listed in speaking order)

  • Linda LEW, Reporter, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong SAR @Lindadalew
  • Ramy INOCENCIO, Asia Correspondent, CBS News, Beijing, China @RamyInocencio
  • Jungmin LEE, Reporter, Korea Broadcasting System, Seoul, South Korea @jungminleee98
  • Ruth CABAL, Senior Correspondent, CNN Philippines, Manila, Philippines @ruthcabal15
  • Daniel BEEKMAN, Staff Reporter, The Seattle Times, Washington, USA @DBeekman
  • Saumya KHANDELWAL, Freelance Photojournalist, New Delhi, India @saumyaphotos
  • Aneela KHALID, National Correspondent, Independent Urdu, Peshawar, Pakistan @aneelakhaled


  • Annalisa BURGOS, KITV-4 Island News, Honolulu, HI, USA @annalisaburgos

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Fighting Disinformation on the Frontlines Webinar

Tuesday, June 16th | 4:00 – 5:30pm, Hawaii time

It is imperative that societies have access to accurate information in critical moments such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Disinformation can have life and death consequences. At the same time, there is growing distrust in health experts and scientific data. Hear from diverse experts in the U.S. and Asia Pacific engaged in combating disinformation on the front lines through international and community fact-checking networks, social media platforms, and news literacy education.

Panelists: (listed in speaking order)

  • Alan C. MILLER, Founder and CEO, News Literacy Project, Washington, DC, USA @alanmillerNLP
  • Baybars ÖRSEK, Director, International Fact-Checking Network, Florida, USA @baybarsorsek
  • Harry SUFEHMI, Founder, MAFINDO, Jakarta, Indonesia @sufehmi
  • Aya LOWE, Strategic Partner Development, APAC, Facebook, Singapore @AyaLowe


  • Susan KREIFELS, Media Programs Manager, East-West Center @EWCSeminars
  • Katie BARTELS, Program Coordinator, East-West Center @EWCSeminars

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