Reporting on Cross-Border Issues of Mutual Concern


A series of workshops for Indian and Pakistani Journalists in Kathmandu

Applications are now closed

The East-West Center is excited to announce four workshops it is offering in 2020 in Kathmandu for Pakistani and Indian journalists. The focus will be “Reporting on Cross-Border Issues of Mutual Concern.”

Each weeklong workshop will focus on a different topic. Applying journalists participate in one workshop.

One journalist from each country will work together as a team on a cross-border media story to be published or broadcast within three months after the workshop ends. Stories can be run by their news organizations or other media outlets and websites.

Program: Expert U.S. and Asian media trainers will lead sessions on best practices in reporting the workshop topic; cross-border collaboration techniques; multimedia skills and technology in the newsroom; data-base and investigative reporting; and other skills and issues. The cross-border teams will map out their collaborative stories during the weeklong workshop.

Program themes/dates: 1) Economy, trade and entrepreneurism tentatively in July; 2) Environment, ecology, related science tentatively in July; 3) Agriculture, food production, water-sharing tentatively in September; and 4) Health, related science tentatively in December.

Who can apply? Working print, broadcast, and on-line journalists in India and Pakistan. At least 5 years of experience preferred. Free-lance journalists must show work that has been published or broadcast in media outlets over the past year. Applicants must have the ability to communicate in English in a professional environment. Participants are not expected to be specialists on the workshop topics but experience in reporting/editing these topics will strengthen applications.

Number of participants: 10 journalists from each country (total 20 participants) will be chosen for each workshop. A selection committee will choose all 80 participants for the four workshops from this initial application period. Journalists must signify what workshop they want to attend in their application.  

Program requirements: (1) Each cross-border team will plan a collaborative story during the weeklong workshop in Kathmandu. When journalists return to their home countries, they will continue to collaborate with their team member and complete the cross-border story for publication or broadcast within three months after the workshop finishes; (2) Participants will be required to submit a 2-page paper on an issue in their country that falls under the workshop topic before the workshop begins and also give a short panel presentation on the topic; (3) join social media groups with workshop participants; (4) complete program surveys and evaluations. 

Funding: This program is funded by the U.S. Department of State and implemented by the East-West Center, a public, non-profit organization.

About East-West Center Journalism Programs:  Based in Honolulu, Hawaii the East-West Center has offered media programs for U.S. and Asia Pacific journalists for 52 years. More than 4,000 journalists have participated in EWC journalist exchanges, study tours, conferences, dialogues and training, including many from India and Pakistan. Our programs offer journalists an opportunity to gather firsthand information and perspectives, build information networks and improve professional skills to enhance their reporting. The Center has led cross-border media programs across Asia for the last 15 years, including several projects between Pakistani and Indian journalists.

Eligibility:  The workshops are open to working print, broadcast, and online journalists in India and Pakistan. A minimum five years of professional experience is preferred. Applicants must have the ability to communicate in English in a professional environment. Free-lance journalists must show work that has been published or broadcast in media outlets over the past year. Experience in reporting/editing stories related to the workshop theme is not required but will strengthen applications.

Program provides: Roundtrip economy airfare, hotel accommodation, ground transportation, meals, modest allowance for incidentals, visa fees if required. Participants will also receive a modest allowance to spend on story-related expenses when they return to their home country.


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