Asia-Pacific Crossroads: Regime Creation and the Future of APEC


Vinod K. Aggarwal and Charles E. Morrison (eds.)


New York: St. Martin's Press

Available From: VHPS
Publication Date: 1998
ISBN: 0-312-21148-1
Binding: paper
Pages: xiv, 434


The Asia-Pacific region is generating increased attention from academic, business and policy-making circles alike. Asia-Pacific Crossroads provides a novel theoretical approach to examine the interplay of economic, political, and security factors in APEC’s evolution. It focuses on the likelihood for APEC to become smoothly "nested" within the World Trade Organization and considers how subregional groupings in the Asia-Pacific might in turn become nested within APEC. It offers the first rigorous and systematic theoretical and empirical examination of the APEC forum by a multinational, interdisciplinary group of scholars.

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"This edited volume offers a wide-ranging coverage of APEC as an institution, its evolution and development, and gives valuable detail of how APEC has dealt with various economic relations issues in the region. The contributors are experts in their fields and the standard is high . . . a valuable source for those studying and analyzing Asian economic affairs and for understanding an important institutional aspect of Asia Pacific development."

Stuart Harris
Australian National University
Journal of Asian Studies

"The authors of this volume endeavour to deal with the complex issue of the linkage between Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and the multilateral and regional arrangements in which its members are involved . . . Some of the authors contributing to this volume have recognized the diversity of the APEC/European mix and the need to accommodate the varied interests of developing economies in the WTO of the future . . ."

Edward English
Carleton University
Pacific Affairs

"…useful reading to both experts and newcomers…"

C. Fred Bersten, Director
Institute for International Economics

"…salient reading for those who care about America's future in the world's most dynamic region."

Winston Lord
former Assistant Secretary of State for the Asia-Pacific