Asia Pacific Graduate Education: Comparative Policies and Regional Developments

by Deane E. Neubauer and Prompilai Buasuwan (eds.)

International & Development Education

Publisher: New York: Palgrave Macmillan
Available From: Palgrave Macmillan
Publication Date: 2016
ISBN: 978-1-137-54782-8
Binding: hardcover
Pages: xviii, 231


This volume examines the changes taking place within graduate education within the Asian Pacific Region. A collection of essays by distinguished scholars from eight Asia Pacific nations links profound changes occurring with the economies and societies of the region to the many changes also taking place within higher education focusing on how the dynamics of a changing global economy are affecting the multitude of ways that higher education institutions are responding. Key to this inquiry are the particular changes taking place in graduate education as many societies experience the need to produce graduates of high quality with elevated qualifications. Such changes are not without challenge or difficulty as issues of finance, questions of appropriate directions of innovation, and overall higher education capacity continue to frame the broader issue of the changing nature of graduate education. The volume contains a selection of theory and conceptually oriented chapters as well as discrete country studies.

About the authors:
Deane E. Neubauer is Emeritus Professor of Political Science at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, USA, and also serves as co-director of the Asian Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership. His current interests focus on the many ways that contemporary globalization is impacting higher education.

Prompilai Buasuwan is Associate Professor at Kasetsart University, Thailand, and also serves as Assistant to Vice President for International relations. Her current interests focus on internationalization, quality of education, and impacts of contemporary globalization on dynamics and trends of Higher Education.

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  1. Introduction: Situating Graduate Education in a Rapidly Changing Higher Education Environment

    Part 1: Changing Dynamics of Asia Pacific Graduate Education
  2. The Expansion of Cross-Border Graduate Education in the Asia Pacific: Developmental and Financial Challenges
  3. Graduate Education in Asia Pacific Higher Education: Changing Roles and Purposes
  4. Graduate Degrees in the Emergent Political Economy of Contemporary Globalization

    Part 2: Graduate Education in Comparative Country Settings
  5. An Examination of Employment Outcomes for Graduate Education at the University of Hawaii
  6. The Postgraduate Research Student Experience in Malaysia
  7. Learning Outcomes Assessment in Graduate Education: A Comparative Overview between the United States and ASEAN
  8. Challenges and Strategic Development of PhD Education of Fu Jen Catholic University
  9. Improving the Quality of Contemporary Graduate Education: A Proposal for Nurturing Future Civic-Minded Professionals
  10. Industry-Oriented Graduate Programs in Thailand: A Review
  11. Diploma Disease in Thai HE
  12. Exploring Research Motivation: Implications for PhD Education
  13. Conclusion: The Multiplying "Texts" of Graduate Education


"In this Pacific Century, works such as this one are essential to understanding how our multinational and multicultural Pacific Rim is adapting and adjusting with the increasingly open exchange of ideas and knowledge. Neubauer and Buasuwan's edited volume captures not only what has been occurring in graduate education in the region, but also identifies the direction it will go in the coming decades and the impact this will have on society."

-Matthew Liao-Troth, Provost, Hawai‘i Pacific University, USA

"This outstanding book clearly demonstrates that graduate education in Asia Pacific is very dynamic and that higher education in this region evolves rapidly and continues to be transformed by the process of globalization. The editors of this book comprehensively capture the complexities and trends of graduate education in this region."

-Krasae Chanawongse, Former Minister of University Affairs,
Government of Thailand