Asia Pacific Security Outlook 2002


Christopher A. McNally and Charles E. Morrison (eds.)

Asia Pacific Security Outlook


Tokyo: Japan Center for International Exchange

Available From: Brookings Institution Press (worldwide outside Japan)
Publication Date: 2002
ISBN: 4-88907-058-3
Binding: paper
Pages: 198


Asia Pacific security trends are being heavily affected by the still unfolding impact of U.S.-led efforts to combat international terrorism. Triggered by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, in the United States, these efforts are altering major power relationships and increasing concerns over terrorism, particularly in Southeast Asia. The aftermath of September 11 has also caused new tensions between India and Pakistan and accelerated the world economic downturn, hurting many Asia Pacific countries. September 11, however, did not change several of the fundamental issues affecting the regional security landscape. These include sensitivities in U.S.-China relations and in the Taiwan Strait, the evolving regional role of Japan, controversy over the George W. Bush administration’s pursuit of missile defense, instability in Indonesia, and the situation on the Korean peninsula, which has been affected by the stalling of the North-South and U.S.-North Korean dialogues. These issues and their implications are highlighted in this edition of the Asia Pacific Security Outlook

The Outlook presents national perceptions of regional security, key defense issues, and the contributions to regional and global security of twenty of the twenty-three member countries of the ASEAN Regional Forum and is unique in utilizing a multinational team of security specialists to provide individual country reports, enabling readers to compare the views and defense policies of each state. It is written for general audiences and security experts alike.

The Asia Pacific Security Outlook is a centerpiece initiative of the Asia Pacific Agenda Project, prepared by the ASEAN Institutes for Strategic and International Studies, the East-West Center, and the Japan Center for International Exchange.

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"Asia Pacific Security Outlook is the most comprehensive and authoritative nongovernmental survey of the varying viewpoints of the countries of this region on a topic of fundamental importance to their peace and prosperity. Its authority derives principally from the fact that the country perspectives reflect views of analysts from those countries, so that the differing attitudes and concerns are clearly highlighted."

Rodolfo C. Severino, Jr.
Secretary-General, Association of Southeast Asian Nations