Asia Pacific Bulletin (APB)


APB considers any article that provides cogent, timely, and rigorous analysis of contemporary issues in the Asia Pacific region, and encourages contributors to write on subjects that impact both US and Asian policy. The publication welcomes a diversity of opinion and is particularly keen to publish voices from the Asia Pacific region.

While APB does not have a specific editorial policy, we do insist on exclusivity and ask that your contribution not be submitted to other publications for consideration. Submissions should be between 1,000 and 1,100 words, articles that exceed 1,100 words will not be considered. The editor is prompt in responding to writers and will generally notify you within one week if your article is being considered for publication. On average, the turnaround time from submission to publication is about two weeks, though this can vary according to the publication schedule. All authors retain copyright to their work, but before publication authors sign licensing agreements with the Center allowing the Center reproduction and distribution rights.

All contributions or inquiries should be sent to APB series coordinator Lance Jackson at [email protected]. Please include your name, as well as your title and institutional affiliation, in all correspondence.