Beyond Compliance: China, International Organizations, and Global Security (c)

by Ann Kent

Studies in Asian Security

Publisher: Stanford: Stanford University Press
Available From: Stanford University Press
Publication Date: 2007
ISBN: 978-0-8047-5551-1
Binding: cloth












Beyond Compliance is the sixth book in the Studies in Asian Security series sponsored by the East-West Center and published by Stanford University Press.



An extensively researched study of Chinese participation in international organizations, Beyond Compliance argues that the record of China's international behavior since the 1970s indicates the long-term effectiveness of the multilateral system. Through its analysis of China's interaction with leading international organizations such as the Conference on Disarmament, the World Bank, the IMF, the World Trade Organization, the United Nations Environmental Programme, the International Labour Organization, the UN Committee Against Torture, and the WHO, it concludes that engagement with the multilateral system is the key to the gradual socialization of "rogue" states. Contrasting the People's Republic of China's post-1949 alienation from the international community with its increasing compliance, since it entered the United Nations in 1971, with the rules of leading international institutions, Kent explains China's changing attitude toward international institutions in terms of the most appropriate theories of state compliance. At the same time, she argues that compliance theories on their own are not sufficient to explain the complex interaction between states and the international system, and develops a broader theory to encompass China's behavior.



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Introduction: Compliance and Cooperation in a Changing World









  1. China and International Organizations: From Alienation to Integration
  2. China and the International Security Regime: The Conference on Disarmament
  3. China and the International Political Economy Regime: The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund
  4. China and the Atmospheric Environment: The United Nations Environment Programme
  5. China and International Human Rights: The International Labour Organization and the United Nations Committee against Torture












"With such a complete, well-organized analysis as Kent's in this volume, it is hard to ask for more of a study...this book provides stellar research and analysis that represent an exemplary model for scholars in the fields of China studies, international relations, and comparative politics."

--China Review International


"Kent looks at the role international organizations, treaties, and the interdependent world system have played in China's growing compliance... Kent's case studies are insightful, comprehensive, and invaluable in understanding China's behavior in multilateral organizations. Highly recommended."



"Kent has written a superb historical chronology of China's increasing entanglement with international organizations. Beyond Compliance will be an invaluable resource for Asian security specialists and students of Chinese foreign policy."

--Jeffrey T. Checkel, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo


"This superb study of China's participation in international organizations fills a curious but important void in the secondary literature on Chinese foreign policy. Despite China's rise and full emergence on the world stage, there has been a remarkable absence of book-length studies of the People's Republic of China's participation in intergovernmental organizations. Now Ann Kent's Beyond Compliance more than fills the void. This is a work of major significance that will become the staple on the subject for many years."

--Journal of Asian Studies


"Kent's discussion is well written, and provides a clear and thorough overview of the detailed and complex material on which she relies."

--Australian International Law Journal