Economic Change and Domestic Politics in Asia

Asia Pacific Bulletin


Washington, DC: East-West Center

Available From: July 11, 2018
Publication Date: July 11, 2018


Ellen L. Frost, Senior Advisor and Fellow at the East-West Center in Washington guest-edits a special series of Asia Pacific Bulletins regarding Economic Change and Domestic Politics in Asia.

Ellen L. Frost explains that "A key question is whether the strategies employed by current Indo-Pacific governments are working well enough to be both competitive in the new regional economic environment and responsive to legitimate grievances at home.”"
Gatra Priyandita, PhD Candidate at Australian National University, explains that “Debates on Chinese labor in Indonesia are not new, though only in recent years has the topic emerged as an important and contentious election issue.”
Surupa Gupta, Associate Professor at Mary Washington University, explains that “While Modi has repeatedly spoken against rising protectionism at international venues, his domestic messaging and actions have been far more nationalist.”
Chheang Vannarith, Visiting Fellow, ISEASYusof Ishak Institute, explains that “ International economic cooperation and regional integration are key principles of Cambodia’s foreign policy.”
Kaewkamol Karen Pitakdumrongkit, Visiting Fellow, EastWest Center in Washington, explains that “While internal tensions would be unlikely to make the Kingdom turn its back on ASEAN’s pursuit of regional integration, they could distract its attention.”
Shaun Breslin, Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick, explains that “Even as other enterprises and actors become more active in overseas investment projects around the world, state priorities and objectives remained important.”

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