Pacific Islands Policy

Pacific Islands Policy examines critical issues, problems, and opportunities that are relevant to the Pacific Islands region. The series is intended to influence the policy process, affect how people understand a range of contemporary Pacific issues, and help fashion solutions. A central aim of the series is to encourage scholarly analysis of economic, political, social, and cultural issues in a manner that will advance common understanding of current challenges and policy responses.


Pacific Islands Policy co-editors and editorial board members are all affiliated with or on the staff of the Pacific Islands Development Program at the East-West Center.


Series Co-Editors
Robert C. Kiste, East-West Center and University of Hawai'i
Gerard A. Finin, East-West Center


Editorial Committee
Sitiveni Halapua, East-West Center
Tarcisius Tara Kabutaulaka, East-West Center
Geoffrey M. White, East-West Center and University of Hawai'i


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