Caring for the Elderly and Holding Down a Job: How Are Women Coping in Japan?

by Naohiro Ogawa, Robert D. Retherford, and Yasuhiko Saito

Asia-Pacific Population & Policy, No. 65

Publisher: Honolulu: East-West Center
Publication Date: April 2003
Binding: paper
Pages: 4
Free Download: PDF


Findings from Nihon University’s 1999-2000 Japan Longitudinal Study of Ageing show that more than half of Japanese women who live with an elderly parent or parent-in-law are employed outside the home. Even in households where the elderly family member is very old or seriously disabled, large proportions of women continue to hold down full- or part-time jobs. These finding should be reassuring to Japanese policymakers who are concerned that middle-aged women remain in the labor force while continuing to care for elderly family members at home.