A Changing Korea in Regional and Global Contexts

by Lee-Jay Cho, Chung-Si Ahn, and Choong Nam Kim

Publisher: Honolulu: East-West Center and Seoul: Seoul National University Press
Publication Date: 2004
ISBN: 89-521-0565-6
Binding: cloth


The Korean peninsula is in the midst of profound changes: intensification of globalization, the war on terrorism, a changing U.S. security policy, a rapid rise of China, and emerging trend of a 'normal' Japan, expanding regional economic cooperation, the North Korean nuclear and economic crisis, a changing U.S.-South Korean alliance, thawing inter-Korean relations, and internal social, economic and political changes. South Korea, which is surrounded by the world's major powers (the United States, Japan, China and Russia), has become an increasingly important player as the country has a robust economy and a dynamic democracy. In the era of globalization, Korean issues sometimes become regional and global concerns and regional and global issues often have considerable impacts on Korea. Therefore, regional and global perspectives on Korea would help better understanding of Korean and Korea-related issue. The authors of this book, who are mostly well-known scholars from prominent universities around the world, examine the complex dynamics of security, political and economic changes in and around the peninsula from regional and global contexts. Thus, the book, a product of the POSCO Fellowship Program at the East-West Center in Hawaii, will be a very useful reference for scholars and students of Korea and Northeast Asia.