China's Military Advances Make Case for Strategic Stability Talks


Lora Saalman

Asia Pacific Issues, No. 153


Honolulu: East-West Center

Publication Date: May 2022
Binding: Electronic
Pages: 4
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Cover of China’s Military Advances Make Case for Strategic Stability Talks


China has long sought to distinguish its nuclear posture and force structure from those of Russia and the United States. However, its recent military advances and shifts in arsenal size, mating posture, alert status, dual-capable systems, and machine learning and autonomy demonstrate an ever-growing degree of convergence with these two countries. While introducing the potential for arms races or crises, these developments also increase the impetus for strategic stability dialogues. Unlike arms control negotiations, which tend to concentrate on limits to weapons development and numbers, strategic stability dialogues are broader and focus on weapons employment and escalation. Though past efforts to engage in such talks have met with challenges, the appeal of strategic stability talks may be growing.