Domestic Adjustments to Globalization


Charles E. Morrison and Hadi Soesastro (eds.)


Tokyo: Japan Center for International Exchange

Available From: Brookings Institution Press (worldwide outside Japan)
Publication Date: 1998
ISBN: 4-88907-012-5
Binding: paper
Pages: 286


The challenges of globalization have taken on a new urgency in light of the profound effect of the Asian financial crisis on regional stability. The region and the entire world must review both the positive and negative impact of globalization as national societies attempt to make needed adjustments without undue dislocation and economic pain.

The Asian financial crisis has intensified debate on globalization issues and has resulted in backlash against globalizing forces in the most affected countries. The crisis has tested many ideas and institutions associated with globalization; this volume focuses on economic strategies, governance, and leadership.

This compilation of nine country surveys completed on the eve of the Asian crisis puts these fast-moving contemporary developments into perspective. The surveys emphasize the developing countries of Asia but also include Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States.

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