East-West Film Journal, Volume 2, No. 2


Wimal Dissanayake (ed.); John Charlot and Paul Clark (assoc. eds.)

East-West Film Journal


Honolulu: East-West Center

Publication Date: June 1988
Binding: paper
Pages: ii, 134


The first film journal devoted to the Asia-Pacific region as a whole provides a forum in which Asian and Western cinemas can be introduced to and appreciated by a world-wide audience.

Tokyo on Film
by Tadao Sato
Something Like Yoshiwara: The Cultural Perspective
by Keiko McDonald
"Four Hundred Years in a Convent, Fifty in Hollywood": Sexual Identity and Dissent in Contemporary Philippine Cinema
by Gina Marchetti
The Hindi Film Song and Guru Dutt
by Darius Cooper
The Sublimitive Text: Sex and Revolution in Big Road
by Chris Berry
Film as Language, Film as Power
by Dana Polan
The Portrayal of the Canadian Native in the American Cinema: Selected Cases
by James M. Skinner
The Debut of a Film Director: Nakajima Takehiro
by Linda C. Ehrlich