East-West Film Journal, Volume 3, No. 2


Wimal Dissanayake (ed.); Paul Clark (assoc. ed.)

East-West Film Journal


Honolulu: East-West Center

Publication Date: June 1989
Binding: paper
Pages: ii, 105


The first film journal devoted to the Asia-Pacific region as a whole provides a forum in which Asian and Western cinemas can be introduced to and appreciated by a world-wide audience.

Kurosawa’s Ran: Reception and Interpretation
by Ann Thompson
Kagemusha and the ChûshinguraMotif
by Joseph S. Chang
Inspiring Images: The Influence of the Japanese Cinema on the Writings of Kazuo Ishiguro
by Gregory Mason
Video Mom: Reflections on a Cultural Obsession
by Margaret Morse
Questions of Female Subjectivity, Patriarchy, and Family: Perceptions of Three Indian Women Film Directors
by Wimal Dissanayake
One Single Blend: A Conversation with Satyajit Ray
by Suranjan Ganguly
Hollywood and the Rise of Suburbia
by William Rothman