East-West Film Journal, Volume 4, No. 2


Wimal Dissanayake (ed.); Paul Clark (assoc. ed.)

East-West Film Journal


Honolulu: East-West Center

Available From: out of print
Publication Date: June 1990
Binding: paper
Pages: ii, 137


The first film journal devoted to the Asia-Pacific region as a whole provides a forum in which Asian and Western cinemas can be introduced to and appreciated by a world-wide audience.

The Artist’s Desire: Reflections on the Films of Mizoguchi Kenji
by Linda C. Ehrlich
Satyajit Ray’s Secret Guide to Exquisite Murders: Creativity, Social Criticism, and the Partitioning of the Self
by Ashis Nandy
Ideology of the Body in Red Sorghum: National Allegory, National Roots, and Third Cinema
by Yingjin Zhang
Vietnam and Melodramatic Representation
by Andrew Martin
Melodrama, Temporality, Recognition: American and Russian Silent Cinema
by Mary Ann Doane
The Romance of Maoriland: Ethnography and Tourism in New Zealand Films
by Martin Blythe
Man and Revolutionary Crisis in Indonesian Films
by Salim Said
Book Reviews