East-West Film Journal, Volume 8, No. 1


Wimal Dissanayake (ed.)

East-West Film Journal


Honolulu: East-West Center

Publication Date: January 1994
Binding: paper
Pages: ii, 124


The first film journal devoted to the Asia-Pacific region as a whole provides a forum in which Asian and Western cinemas can be introduced to and appreciated by a world-wide audience.

Editor’s Note
"L’assimilation Mizoguchi/Utamaro est Évidence": Five Women around Utamaro and the U.S. Occupation of Japan
by Donald Kirihara
Film between Woodblock Printing and Tattoing: Kenji Mizoguchi’s Five Women around Utamaro
by Angles Dalle Vacche
Marginality and Centrality: The Myth of Asia in 1970s Hollywood
by Glenn Man
Global Image Consumption in the Age of Late Capitalism
by Bill Nichols
Representations of Micronesia Film, Video, and Television
by James Mellon
Book Review