East-West Film Journal, Volume 8, No. 2


Wimal Dissanayake (ed.)

East-West Film Journal


Honolulu: East-West Center

Available From: out of print
Publication Date: July 1994
Binding: paper
Pages: ii, 121


The first film journal devoted to the Asia-Pacific region as a whole provides a forum in which Asian and Western cinemas can be introduced to and appreciated by a world-wide audience.

Phobic Spaces and Liminal Panics: Independent Transnational Film Genre
by Hamid Naficy
Ritual, History, and the Films of Zhang Yimou
by Donald S. Sutton
Configuring the Modern Space: Cinematic Representations of Beijing and Its Politics
by Xiobing Tang
Forest of Bliss: Film and Anthropology
by Ákos Östör
"Mine Is the Cinema of Strong Survivors": An Interview with Gautam Ghose
by Manas Ray