The Emergent Knowledge Society and the Future of Higher Education: Asian Perspectives


Deane E. Neubauer (ed.)

Comparative Development and Policy in Asia


London: Routledge

Publication Date: 2011
ISBN: 978-0-415-60869-5
Binding: hardcover
Pages: 224


The nature of higher education is by no means fixed: it has evolved over time; different models of higher education co-exist alongside each other at present; and, worldwide, there are demands for higher education to change to better help support economic growth and to better fit changing social and economic circumstances. This book examines, from an Asian perspective, the debates about how higher education should change. It considers questions of funding, and of who will attend universities, and the fundamental question of what universities are for, especially as the three key functions of universities - knowledge creation through research, knowledge dissemination through teaching and service, and knowledge conservation through libraries, the disciplinary structuring of knowledge and in other ways--are increasingly being carried out much more widely outside universities in the new "knowledge society." Throughout, the book discusses the extent to which the countries of East Asia are developing new models of higher education, thereby better preparing themselves for the "new "knowledge society", rather than simply following old Western models.


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  1. Introduction
  2. Information and Innovation in a Global Knowledge Society: Implications for Higher Education
  3. The Transformation of Research in the Knowledge Society: The U.S. Experience
  4. Aligning Universities and Higher Education Systems with the Challenges of Emergent Knowledge Economies
  5. What Should We Teach? Making Higher Education Curricular Choices in an Era of Rapidly Expanding Knowledge
  6. Higher Education and the Knowledge Economy: Challenges for Taiwan
  7. The Role of Universities Amid the Challenges of the Knowledge Society
  8. Linking Graduate and Undergraduate Education in the Knowledge Society: Exploring Key Quality Issues from a Japanese Perspective
  9. Quality, Structure and Change: The Response of the Malaysian Higher Education System to challenges of the Knowledge Society
  10. Quality Assurance Issues in Korean Higher Education: The Challenges of an Emergent Knowledge Society
  11. Asserting Brain Power and Expanding Educational Services: Searching for New Governance and Regulatory Regimes in Singapore and Hong Kong
  12. Higher Education Counseling: Keeping Pace with Rapidly Changing Learning Environments
  13. Higher Education and Gender Issues in the Knowledge Economy: Who Studies What, Why and Where?
  14. The End of the University as We Know It?
  15. The Changing Social Ecology of Higher Education