Energy Economy in China: Policy Imperatives, Market Dynamics, and Regional Developments


Kang Wu


Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Co., Pte. Ltd.

Available From: World Scientific Publishing Co., Pte. Ltd.
Publication Date: 2013
ISBN: 978-981-4335-67-6
Binding: hardcover
Pages: xvi, 270


The key subjects of the book are policy imperatives, market dynamics, and regional developments concerning oil and gas, as well as energy a a whole in China. In addition to national policies and issues, the objective of this book is to study China's regional oil and gas demand, supply and trade, energy balances, and economic development, with projections up till 2030. Particular emphasis will be given to challenges facing the Chinese government in ensuring future oil supplies, pipeline and liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports, energy security, downstream oil refining sector developments, the use of natural gas for power generation, and oil and gas related environmental issues. The impact of China's oil and gas sector developments, market dynamics, rising imports, and overseas investment on the Asia-Pacific region and the word at large are examined.

Energy Economy in China also reviews current and future oil refining projects, gas pipelines, LNG import terminals, and emerging new markets in China over the next fifteen years.

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Chapter 1. Energy and the Economy
Chapter 2. Changing Structures of the Petroleum Industry and Energy Policies
Chapter 3. Upstream Oil and Gas Sector Developments
Chapter 4. China's Downstream Refining Industry: Current Situation and Future Prospects
Chapter 5. Oil Market Dynamics and Outlook for Demand, Supply, and Trade
Chapter 6. Natural Gas Use, Pricing, and Future Growth
Chapter 7. Outlook fo China's Liquefied Natural Gas and Pipeline Gas Imports
Chapter 8. Energy Security in China: Regional and Global Implications
Chapter 9. Regional Developments and Future Growth
Chapter 10. Conclusion