Envisioning the Asian New Flagship University: Its Past and Vital Future

by John Aubrey Douglass and John N. Hawkins (eds.)

Publisher: Berkeley: Berkeley Public Policy Press — UC Berkeley Center for Studies in Higher Education — East-West Center
Publication Date: 2017
ISBN: 978-0877724551
Binding: paper
Pages: 248


This book explores the history of leading national universities in Asia and contemplates their capacity for innovation by focusing on the New Flagship University model. This model, presented more fully in The Flagship University Model — Changing the Paradigm from Global Ranking to National Relevancy (2016), envisions the university as an institution that not only meets the standards of excellence focused on research productivity and rankings, but one that is creatively responsive to the larger social needs of their specific national or regional environment and people. Chapters discuss the mission, policies and practices of the holistic and aspirational New Flagship University model and explore the contemporary academic cultures and innovations of leading national universities in China, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, India and elsewhere. Each is pursuing aspects of the Flagship model on their own terms. Academic leaders and ministries in Asia are beginning to understand that the bell-curve approach of rankings and the myopic notion of a "World Class University" no longer provide an adequate strategy to guide policy, funding, and practice. This book furthers discussions within universities about their larger purpose and the internal academic culture that will bolster their drive to become among the best and most influential universities in the world.

About the authors:
John Aubrey Douglass is Senior Research Fellow—Public Policy and Higher Education at the Center for Studies in Higher Education (CSHE), Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California—Berkeley.

John N. Hawkins is Professor Emeritus in the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at University of California, Los Angeles, USA, and Co-Director of the Asian Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership (APHERP) at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Introduction: The Asian New Flagship University: Seeking a Yi Liu Future
    John Aubrey Douglass (UC Berkeley) and John N. Hawkins (UCLA and the East-West Center)

  1. Profiling the New Flagship University Model: An Introduction
        John Aubrey Douglass (UC Berkeley)
  2. The New Flagship University in the Context of Asian Higher Education Traditions
        John N. Hawkins (UCLA and the East-West Center)
  3. Quality and the New Flagship Ideal in Asian Higher Education
        David P. Ericson (University of Hawai'i)
  4. An Uncertain Future: Leading National Universities in South Korea and the Flagship Model
        Stephanie K. Kim (UC Berkeley) and Minho Yeom (Chonnam National University)
  5. A Flagship University Quest: Challenges and Dilemma for a Chinese University
        Ka Ho Mok (Lingnan University) and Xiao Han (University of Hong Kong)
  6. Flagship Universities in India: The Dominance of Delhi University
        Miloni Gandi (University of Southern California)
  7. The New Flagship Model and Two Universities in Japan
        Satoshi P. Watanabe and Machi Sato (Hiroshima University)
  8. A Flagship Universities and Regional Economic Engagement: The Case of Zhejiang University
        Mosi Wang and Jia Zhang (Zhejiang University)
  9. Innovation in Undergraduate Education: The Case of the National University of Singapore
        Bryan Edward Penprase (Yale-NUS College)
  10. Yale-National University of Singapore College
        Bryan Edward Penprase (Yale-NUS College)
  11. A Complex Flagship Mission: The Case of the University of Hawai'i
        Deane Neubauer, Joanne Taira, and Donald Young (East-West Center and University of Hawai'i)
  12. Epilogue: A Summary Reflection on the New Flagship University
        Charles E. Morrison (East-West Center)



"Envisioning the Asian New Flagship University is a thoughtful and stimulating book that critically examines how leading universities within the Asia-Pacific region are responding in a time of accelerated and uncertain change. The book argues cogently for building a deeper understanding through a holistic and expansive framework that considers the many and diverse roles played by such institutions: as drivers of social mobility and economic advancement, as stewards of a spirit of public and community service, as a partner with government and business, and as a creator of new knowledge and future leaders."

-TAN Chorh Chuan, President, National University of Singapore;
Deputy Chairman, Agency for Science, technology & Research, Singapore


"For those who have an interest in the development and impact of higher education in the Asia Pacific region, the new book Envisioning the Asian New Flagship University offers a fresh and provocative contribution to the literature. Douglass and Hawkins have assembled a comprehensive and informed set of chapters that trace the development of the flagship model in selected national settings in Asia, framing this discussion in the context of historical legacies, modern influences, and post-modern new Flagship futures. This volume will be important for those who wish to understand the higher education dynamism of the region, the challenges posed of a rising Asia and the contribution that the Flagship Model has made to newly arising 'hybrid' higher education institutions."

-Robert M. Orr — United States Ambassador to the Asian Development Bank (2010-2016)