Executive Summaries: North Pacific Arctic Conferences 2011-2016

by Robert W. Corell, Jong Deog Kim, Yoon Hyung Kim, and Oran R. Young (eds.)

KMI/EWC series on The Arctic in World Affairs

Publisher: Busan, Republic of Korea: Korea Maritime Institute; Honolulu: East-West Center
Publication Date: 2017
Binding: paper
Pages: 184


Each year, the East-West Center and the Korea Maritime Institute publish a volume of proceedings providing a comprehensive record of the most recent NPAC session. These volumes are available both in print and in digital form for those who wish to follow the discussion in detail. This publication, by contrast, brings together in one place the "Introduction and Overview" chapters from each of the six volumes in the series that have appeared to date. It is intended for readers interested in gaining a general understanding of the contributions of NPAC, without the need to consult all the individual volumes in the series.