Food: A Celebration


Imon Chowdhooree and Azeema Faizunnisa (co-editors-in-chief) and Aileen P. Maypa (copyeditor and graphics artist)


Honolulu: East-West Center Participants Association (EWCPA)

Publication Date: 2010
Binding: coil
Pages: 125


It has been said that among the best places in the world for a "foodie" are the East-West Center residence hall kitchens, where the international students cook, because you can experience the aromas and flavors of foods from all over the world all at the same time.

Current students at the Center have produced a cookbook that captures the diversity of the student body and of the larger Center community, which comes from throughout the United States, the countries of Asia and the Pacific, and beyond. Food: A Celebration, contains over 100 recipes, from more than 30 countries, contributed by student, alumni, staff, and friends of the Center. The featured dishes are traditionally shared at holidays, weddings, festivals, and other joyous celebrations and include: Hot and Spicy Potato Salad from Nepal, Ghorme Sabzi (a meat and vegetable stew) from Iran, Tahitian Coconut Bread, Pumpkin Butter from the United States, "Beryl's Mom's Beef Stew" from China, Onde-Onde (a purple sweet potato dessert) from Malaysia, Chai ba Naana (mint tea) from Iraq, and perhaps the ultimate East-West Center recipe, "Fusion East-West-North-South," said by the contributor to be the national drink of Canada.

According to Azeema Faizunnisa, a graduate student from Pakistan and one of the editors, "Food brings not only the joy of eating and the energy to work and study, but also the joy of sharing. Many of us have made lifelong friends in our dorm kitchens--delving deep into the origin of recipes and digressing to the origins of the universe!"

The centrality of food to the lives of students at the Center has inspired earlier cookbook efforts, including one published in 2006 that long ago sold out. Demand for a new one inspired the East-West Center Participants Association (EWCPA) to produce this new cookbook for the fiftieth anniversary celebrations. Proceeds from sales support East-West Center student activities.

Gluten-Free Coconut Ginger Cake (pages 93-94)