Going Digital, Going Green: Changing Value Chains and Regimes of Accumulation in the Automotive Industry in China

by Boy Luethje

East-West Center Working Papers: Innovation and Economic Growth Series

Publisher: Honolulu, HI: East-West Center
Publication Date: December 2019
Binding: electronic
Pages: 26
Free Download: PDF


This paper analyzes the changes in production and innovation networks in the automobile industry in China that have resulted from the transition to new-energy vehicles and digital driving technologies. This transformation is seen as a fundamental break with the present “neo- Fordist” regime of accumulation in the car industry and a rise of new forms of network-based mass production, comparable to the IT industry since the 1990s. The paper traces the complex politics of this transition embedded in different modes of regulation in the Chinese automotive sector, its impact on work and regimes of production, and the perspective of a broad-ranging “Foxconnization” of car manufacturing.