Hope for Renewal: Photographs from Indonesia after the Tsunami


Marco Garcia, photographer


Honolulu: East-West Center

Publication Date: 2005
ISBN: 978-0-86638-202-1
Binding: paper
Pages: 52


Hope for Renewal: Photographs from Indonesia after the Tsunami was created as a tribute to those who died during the Indian Ocean tsunami and to the survivors of the disaster. It is a catalogue inspired by the summer 2005 East-West Center Gallery exhibition of the same name. Like the exhibition, the book features color images by Hawaii-based photographer Marco Garcia, who traveled to hard-hit Aceh Province in Indonesia during January 2005 and returned five months later to document the progress of rebuilding efforts. Garcia's photographs chronicle important stages in the aftermath of the disaster, from rescue and recovery to the rebuilding of communities that continues today. Also included is a first-hand account of surviving the tsunami by a resident of Banda Aceh who participated in an East-West Center program for future leaders. Click on the images below to view PDFs of pages from the book:

Hope for Renewal cover Broken City, in Hope for Renewal, pp. 6-7. Flooded Street, in Hope for Renewal, p. 38. Prayer for Deceased, in Hope for Renewal, p. 14. Wedding Celebration, in Hope for Renewal, p. 46. School is Out, in Hope for Renewal, p. 48.

Hope for Renewal is a publication of the East-West Center, with generous support from PT Bank Bumiputera Indonesia, Tbk.

The Photographer: Raised in San Antonio, Texas, Marco Garcia has a master's degree in international relations from St. Mary's University. He worked for several years in New York before moving in 2003 to Honolulu, where he specializes in editorial and commercial photography. Garcia's photographs have appeared in magazines and newspapers, advertisements, and websites nationally and internationally.

Also related to the Indian Ocean tsunami: After the Tsunami: Human Rights of Vulnerable Populationspublished by the Human Rights Center of the University of California, Berkeley and the East-West Center.