Intellectual Property Rights in China: The Changing Political Economy of Chinese-American Interests (wp)

by Sumner La Croix and Denise Eby Konan

East-West Center Working Papers, Economics Series, No. 39

Publisher: Honolulu: East-West Center
Publication Date: January 2002
Binding: paper
Pages: 45
Free Download: PDF


We review the evolution of modern Chinese intellectual property right (IPR) laws and enforcement and explore economic and political forces involved in international conflicts over Chinese IPR protection. Our analysis considers why the U.S. and China moved from conflict to cooperation over intellectual property rights. Structural and institutional aspects of the political economy of IPRs within each country are considered, and data on Chinese-U.S. trade in intellectual property-intensive goods are examined. We conclude that although enforcement if IPRs within China continues to be relatively weak, Chinese IPR institutions are converging on those in the OECD nations.