International Security Management and the United Nations


Muthiah Alagappa and Takashi Inoguchi (eds.)


New York: United Nations University Press

Available From: United Nations University Press
Publication Date: 1999
ISBN: 92-808-1001-4
Binding: paper
Pages: vii, 489


Global peace and security are among the United Nation’s core missions. International Security Management and the United Nationsexplores the issues relating to the management of global peace and security -- the kinds of comparative advantage the United Nations holds in the field of security compared to other states and regional organizations, the kinds of assets the United Nations has in terms of normative as well as operational capacities that states and regional arrangements lack and the assets the United Nations possesses to effectively deal with security issues.

The ability of the United Nations to resolve conflicts depends upon the support of member states. What do the member states expect from the world body? This book also explores the security perspectives of the members states, how the United Nations can minimize the volatility of member states and their reluctance to give support in the field of security, and the ways in which a real and effective partnership can be organized and secured between the United Nations and member states regarding conflict prevention and conflict management.

At a time when security issues are becoming more complex, this book will be useful both for students and practitioners in the field of international affairs.

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