The Making of Northeast Asia


Kent Calder and Min Ye

Studies in Asian Security


Stanford: Stanford University Press

Publication Date: 2010
ISBN: 978-0-8047-6922-8
Binding: paper
Pages: 368


The Making of Northeast Asia is the thirteenth book in the Studies in Asian Security series sponsored by the East-West Center and published by Stanford University Press.

Northeast Asia, where the interests of three major nuclear powers and the world's two largest economies converge around the unstable pivot of the Korean peninsula, is a region rife with political-economic paradox. It ranks today among the most dangerous areas on earth, plagued by security problems of global importance, including nuclear and missile proliferation. Yet, despite its insecurity, the region has continued to be the most rapidly growing on earth for over five decades--and it is emerging as an identifiable economic, political, and strategic region in its own right. As the locus of both economic growth and political-military uncertainty in Asia has moved further to the Northeast, a need has developed for a book that focuses analytically on prospects for Northeast Asian cooperation within the context of both Asia and the Asia Pacific regional relationship. This book does exactly that, while also offering a more general theory for Asian institution building.


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A Note on Conventions
Part I. Introduction and Theory
  1. Northeast Asia in Global Perspective
  2. Theories of Asian Institutional Development: Changing Context and Critical Junctures
    Part II. Historical Context: Critical Junctures
  3. The Organization Gap in Historical Perspective: War in Korea and the First Critical Juncture
  4. Overcoming the Organization Gap: Crises and Critical Junctures (1994-2008)
    Part III. Regional Development
  5. Visions of a More Cohesive Regional Future
  6. A Deepening Web of Regional Connectedness
    Part IV. National Transformation
  7. The Transformation of China's Regional Policies
  8. Catalysts: Korea and ASEAN in the Making of Northeast Asia
  9. Japan's Dilemma and the Making of Northeast Asia
  10. The United States and Northeast Asia Regionalism
    In Conclusion
  11. Summing Up


"The Making of Northeast Asia, makes an important contribution to the literature on East Asian security, and its arguments will challenge and provoke available institutionalist and constructivist scholarship on Asian regionalism. It is going to be widely read and debated."

--Amitav Acharya, Professor International Relations,
American University, Washington, D.C.