Mongolia's Cloudy Future


Alphonse F. La Porta

Asia Pacific Bulletin, No. 20


Washington, D.C.: East West Center

Publication Date: July 29, 2008
Binding: electronic
Pages: 2
Free Download: PDF


The new Mongolian parliament, the State Great Hural, was not seated last week, following a tumultuous aftermath to polling day on June 29, because of a walkout by opposition members of Parliament. The initial composition of the Hural would be 39 seats out of a total of 76 for the present coalition leader, the Mongolian People's Revolutionary party (MPRP), while 25 seats would go to the Democratic Party (DP) and two small parties. Ten other seats are on appeal to the national election commission and are subject to recounts. Due to the walkout, the Hural is effectively stymied and a government cannot be formed, although media reports late last week indicated that talks were occurring among political leaders.

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