Population Change and Economic Growth in Asia: New Findings from the National Transfer Accounts (NTA) Project

by National Transfer Accounts Project

NTA Bulletin, No. 8

Publisher: Honolulu: National Transfer Accounts Project
Publication Date: November 2015
Binding: paper
Pages: 8
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Population age structures are changing everywhere in the developing world, linked primarily to fertility decline, but nowhere have the changes been more rapid or dramatic than in Asia. And changing age structures can have a profound effect on wellbeing and economic growth.

How many consumers and producers are there in a population? How much do they earn and how much do they consume at every stage of life? To what extent do the elderly support themselves from assets acquired during their working years? And how do families and governments meet the needs of children and the elderly who consume more than they produce?

The National Transfer Accounts (NTA) project is bringing together data and developing analytical tools to help answer these important questions. By providing estimates of income, public and private transfers, and consumption and saving by age, NTA adds an important dimension to measures of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and other widely used economic indicators.