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The East-West Center publishes or copublishes several series, from short papers to books, addressing current issues in the Asia Pacific region. These publications reflect rigorous and critical analysis of key regional issues of common concern to the Asia Pacific region and the United States.

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Pacific Islands Regional Climate Assessment (PIRCA)

Pacific Island governments recognize climate change as one of the greatest threats to security, economy, environment, and peace in the region. The Pacific Islands Regional Climate Assessment (PIRCA), with a series of reports being developed and released in 2019-2021, responds by assessing the state of knowledge about climate change indicators, impacts, and adaptive capacity of the US-Affiliated Pacific Islands and the Hawaiian archipelago. PIRCA is a collaborative effort engaging federal, state, and local government agencies, non-governmental organizations, academia, businesses, and community groups to help inform and prioritize their activities in the face of a changing climate. 

Asia Matters for America

The Asia Matters for America/America Matters for Asia (AMA) initiative is a multi-activity, multi-faceted resource for nonpartisan, credible, and up-to-date information on diplomacy, policy, trade, investment, and educational and people-to-people exchanges between the US and the Indo-Pacific region. Used by policymakers, politicians, business leaders, academics, media, and the general public, the AMA is designed to deliver visual, easy-to-understand data, graphics, analysis, and information on the US-Indo-Pacific relationship at the national and sub-national levels.


Asia Pacific Bulletin

The Asia Pacific Bulletin (APB) is a series of two-page policy briefs produced by the East-West Center in Washington. Issues focus on policy-relevant Asia Pacific developments and US-Asia relations. APBs are designed to provide insights, information, and perspective for busy professionals and policymakers.

Policy Studies

Policy Studies presents original research on pressing economic and political policy challenges for governments and industry across Asia, including issues of the region's relations with the United States. Written for the policy and business communities, academics, journalists, and the informed public, these peer-reviewed publications provide new policy insights and perspectives based on extensive fieldwork and rigorous scholarship.

Asia Pacific Issues

Papers in the Asia Pacific Issues series address topics of broad interest and significant impact relevant to current and emerging policy debates. These peer-reviewed papers are written to be accessible to readers outside the author’s discipline.

East-West Center Working Papers

East-West Center Working Papers are generally written by Center staff and Visiting Fellows and have been grouped over the years in series and subseries by topic area. Revised versions of Working Papers are often published as journal articles or book chapters. All titles are available in electronic format only.