(Re)Negotiating East and Southeast Asia: Region, Regionalism, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations

by Alice D. Ba

Studies in Asian Security

Publisher: Stanford: Stanford University Press
Available From: Stanford University Press
Publication Date: 2009
ISBN: 978-0-8047-6070-6
Binding: paper
Pages: 344


(Re)Negotiating East and Southeast Asia is the tenth book in the Studies in Asian Security series sponsored by the East-West Center and published by Stanford University Press. This book seeks to explain two core paradoxes associated with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN): How have diverse states hung together and stabilized relations in the face of competing interests, divergent preferences, and arguably weak cooperation? How has a group of lesser, self-identified Southeast Asian powers gone beyond its original regional purview to shape the form and content of Asian Pacific and East Asian regionalisms?

According to Alice Ba, the answers lie in ASEAN's founding arguments: arguments that were premised on an assumed regional disunity. She demonstrates how these arguments draw critical causal connections that make Southeast Asian regionalism a necessary response to problems, give rise to its defining informality and consensus-seeking process, and also constrain ASEAN's regionalism. Tracing debates about ASEAN's intra- and extra-regional relations over four decades, she argues for a process-driven view of cooperation, sheds light on intervening processes of argument and debate, and highlights interacting material, ideational, and social forces in the construction of regions and regionalisms.


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    Part One: Theory and Origins

  1. The ASEAN Paradox and IR Theory
  2. Why ASEAN? Why 1967?
  3. The Ideas That Bind: Negotiating ASEAN's Ways

  4. Part Two: ASEAN's New Regionalisms

  5. The Politics and Rhetoric of "One Southeast Asia"
  6. Locating ASEAN in East Asia and the Asia Pacific
  7. ASEAN of and Beyond Southeast Asia: The ASEAN Regional Forum
  8. Renegotiating East Asia: "The Idea That Will Not Go Away"


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"In this stimulating work, Ba provides a new interpretation that fills important gaps in our understanding of ASEAN. Her theoretical categories and empirical analysis allow her to come closer than most in capturing the spoken and unspoken rationales behind ASEAN's actions and policies--and in ways that the policymakers of the region will recognize and applaud. A must-read for all those who want to come to grips with the regional architecture of East and Southeast Asia."

--Yuen Foong Khong, Professor of International Relations,
Oxford University