Renewing the Pacific Partnership


Charles E. Morrison and Peter A. Petri with commentary by Taeho Bark, Peter Drysdale, and Shen Dingli

East-West Dialogue, No. 1


Honolulu: East-West Center

Publication Date: September 2007
Binding: paper
Pages: 12
Free Download: PDF


In Issue 1, Charles E. MORRISON and Peter A. PETRI argue that the chemistry of Asia-U.S. relations is failing and suggest strengthening regional institutions and public diplomacy to invigorate it. Commentaries by Taeho BARK (South Korea), Peter DRYSDALE (Australia) and SHEN Dingli (China) support the importance of a partnership, but see different priorities for it.

East-West Dialogue, a project of the East-West Center, fosters discussion and debate of key issues in Asia-U.S. economic relations. The Dialogue seeks to develop and promote innovative policy, business, and civic initiatives to enhance this critical partnership.


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