A Research Strategy for the Pacific Climate Information System


Melissa L. Finucane, John Marra, and James C. Weyman

East-West Center Working Papers, Environmental Change, Vulnerability, and Governance Series, No. 67


Honolulu: East-West Center

Publication Date: November 2010
Binding: paper
Pages: 15
Free Download: PDF


Based on a selective review of the outcomes of previous meetings, conferences, workshops, and papers highlighting climate variability and change research needs in the Pacific region, this paper presents a research strategy for increasing understanding of climate-society linkages in Pacific Island settings. The strategy provides a synopsis of emerging research goals and illustrative activities that users can rank according to their priorities. Grounded in the framework of the Pacific Climate Information System, the strategy is comprised of three key research elements: (1) research to enhance understanding of regional climate risks and consequences; (2) research to improve decision support and risk communication; and (3) research to improve climate adaptation capacity. We envision the strategy will contribute to enhanced understanding of scientific and societal knowledge of climate processes and their impacts and stakeholder capacity for building sustainable island communities for future generations.