Self as Person in Asian Theory and Practice


Roger T. Ames (ed.) with Wimal Dissanayake and Thomas P. Kasulis


Albany: State University of New York Press

Available From: CUP Services
Publication Date: 1994
ISBN: 0-7914-1724-7
Binding: paper
Pages: ix, 392


This book is a sequel to Self as Body in Asian Theory and Practice (SUNY, 1993) and anticipates a third book, Self as Image in Asian Theory and Practice. In order to address issues as diverse as the promotion of human rights or the resolution of sexism in ways that avoid inadvertent lapses into cultural chauvinism, alternative cultural perspectives that begin from differing conceptions of self and self-realization must be articulated and respected. This book explores the articulation of personal character within the disparate cultural experiences of Japan, China, and South Asia.

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