Sustaining a Resilient Asia Pacific Community


Wilmar Salim and Kiran Sagoo (eds.)


Newcastle, United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Available From: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Publication Date: 2008
ISBN: 978-1-84718-447-4
Binding: cloth
Pages: xii, 157


Coming out of an established international graduate student conference organized by the East-West Center, this book presents selected papers written by graduate students from different fields of study. After identifying historical or contemporary issues in each field, these papers propose a framework for resolving these issues, whether through global commitment, regional cooperation, national policy, or local knowledge and practice. The unifying thread of this book is sustaining resilience in the Asia Pacific. Generally, a volume like this would address the challenge of this region from a security, economics or political perspective. This book hopes to add to the literature on resiliency by addressing these issues from a multidisciplinary and multilevel perspective.

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